BURN: morean street party

Party on the street, in the heart of the eclectic Central Arts District of St. Petersburg, FL and feel the heat! Molten glass, street art and live music surrounds you as you interact with art and artists, sip craft cocktails and enjoy gourmet food.

BURN is a unique event, showcasing the best of the Morean Arts Center, the heat that fires clay, metal and glass and casting a spotlight on a once overlooked form of artistic expression, street art.

Burn [bern]:
1. VERB: To “out-do” the competition with your style.
2. NOUN: Also refers to a really good piece, as in one that “burns”.

As an official SHINE Mural Festival Event, BURN will help illuminate the power of art in public spaces as well as bringing these talented street artists into the gallery. Guests will see featured artists work by BASK and JUJMO in the Morean Galleries, live glassblowing in the dark at the Morean Glass Studio plus interactive art throughout the evening.

Consider purchasing a KREW Member ticket for an elevated experience with exclusive access to the Chihuly Collection and other VIP experiences.

Tickets go on sale August 1, 2019…Mark your calendars!