Clay Workshops

Jeremy Randall Hands on Workshop

Join us on October 21 -22

Cost for this hands on workshop is $175, $155 Members price.

Jeremy Randall’s references to rural American architecture and antique rural implements places the viewer in a familiar setting that is layered with time, function and history .The colors used refer to milk-painted surfaces, layered and stained by generations of use, while the wire elements and steel tacks are placed in the clay surface to give a direct connection to ideas of construction and joinery.

In this 2-day workshop, Jeremy will present his techniques for using tarpaper templates to make repeatable and adjustable pottery forms out of textured earthenware slabs.  Focusing on the development of form and the terra sigilatta surface, he will assemble the form, discuss line and surface elements in his pots. Eccentric finishing techniques using non-clay elements like carpet tacks and wire for accent for his vessels will be demonstrated. Open to all skill levels.




Florida Heat Woodfire

January 3-10 2018

Unloading the anagama on January 17th at 9:00 am

$400 for registration

$300 with valid college or university ID



The Morean Center for Clay anagama kiln was built in 2002 under the tutelage of Don Reitz.  Join us as we spend three days loading about 1.000 pots into this 500 cubic foot wood kiln and another 4-5 days firing around the clock.

Participants will be learning how to fire this unique kiln with the nation's top wood fire artists; John Balistreri, Chris Gustin, Nancy Train Smith and Matt Long.  Every participant is encouraged to bring as much high fire bisqueware as they can bring to have fired in the anagama kiln. Participants should bring a wide variety of shapes and sizes of bisqueware.  All participants will take part in loading, firing and unloading the anagama.  In addition, there will be demonstrations and lectures by John, Chris, Nancy and Matt.  This is a great hands on way to learn how to fire a wood kiln. Space is limited, so be sure to register early. 

$400 for registration

$300 with valid college or university ID

If you are looking for housing during this workshop we have limited space available.  Please contact Beth Morean at 727-367-7911



Florida Heat Surface

February 7th - 1oth 2018

$550 for the full four day registration

$150 for a single day registration

$100 for a half day registration

This is the 5th annual Florida Heat Surface at the Morean Center for Clay.  Join Linda Sikora, Mike Helke, Michael Hunt, Naomi Dalglish, Peter and Lori Pincus, Shoko Teruyama, Ben Carter and Adam Field in sunny St. Petersburg Florida at the Morean Center for Clay, as we welcome eight of the country's leading ceramic artists to demonstrate their talents and approaches to designing a well-thought-out pottery surface. This workshop will cover all firing ranges and surface approaches, including but not limited to: glazing, slips, underglaze, decals, scraffito, mishima, and much more. This will be THE workshop of the year and you won't want to miss it. Cost for the whole workshop is $550 or choose individual days and pay only $150 per day.




 Chandra DeBuse and Tommy Frank Hands on Workshop

April 13th and 14th

$250 for the workshop, $225 for MAC Members


In this workshop Chandra Debuse and Tommy Frank will be demonstrating how they create their ceramic forms, their unique surface decoration as well as how their collaborative work called Effindeebee.  Chandra and Tommy will start the mornings off with a demonstration. Students will then get the afternoon to work on the ideas that were brought  up during the demonstration.  Collaboration among the participants will also be highly encouraged.  We hope that you will be able to join us.