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A visit to the Glass Studio & Hot Shop is an opportunity to get behind the scenes and observe resident glass artists creating unique works of art. Watch one of our glass demonstrations as the artist will take you through the process of creating a one of a kind piece of art glass. From gathering the molten glass from the furnace, to working it on the pontil pipe and glory hole, to its final cool down process in the annealing kiln, you will have a new appreciation for this art form that is centuries old. View the gaffer blowing glass, while the assistant narrates in detail the science behind glass, the artistic vision guiding the process and all of the steps involved as the work is being produced.

All of the pieces created in the glass studio are for sale in the Hot Shop Store conveniently located adjacent to the glass studio. Inside you will find a wide variety of art glass including: jewelry, bowls, vases, ornaments and more.

Ticket price is not required to visit the retail store.

Come and watch a Hot Shop Demonstration or try it yourself and participate with our personal Hot Shop Glass Experience.

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Zerkowitz & Sugiki @ the Hot Shop

Watch Seattle based artists in action!

Saturday, July 11


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Friday Night, Ladies Night!

Fridays (choose one or all)

June 19, July 24
6pm - 9pm

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Hot Date in the Hot Shop

Fridays (choose one or all)


June 12, July 10, July 31
6pm - 9pm

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Personal Glass Experience

Watch, learn and participate with your very own Personal Glass Experience in the Hot Shop!

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