Florida Heat Surface

Florida Heat Surface

Wednesday – Saturday
February 7th – 10th, 2018
9:00am – 5:00pm




Skill Levels: All Levels


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This is the 5th annual Florida Heat Surface at the Morean Center for Clay.  Join Linda Sikora, Mike Helke, Michael Hunt, Naomi Dalglish, Peter and Lori Pincus, Shoko Teruyama, Ben Carter and Adam Field in sunny St. Petersburg Florida at the Morean Center for Clay, as we welcome eight of the country’s leading ceramic artists to demonstrate their talents and approaches to designing a well-thought-out pottery surface. This workshop will cover all firing ranges and surface approaches, including but not limited to: glazing, slips, underglaze, decals, scraffito, mishima, and much more. This will be THE workshop of the year and you won’t want to miss it! Cost for the whole workshop is $350 or choose individual days and pay only $150 per day.

Full Four Day Registration: $350
Single Day Registration: $150
Half Day Registration: $100

Wednesday (February 7th): Shoko Teruyama, Peter and Lori Pincus (Morning Session); Linda Sikora and Ben Carter (Afternoon Session)

Thursday (February 8th): Michael Hunt, Naomi Dalglish and Adam Field (Morning and Afternoon Sessions)

Friday (February 9th)
: Mike Helke, Naomi Dalglish (Morning Session); Ben Carter, Peter and Lori Pincus (Afternoon Session)

Saturday (February 10th)
: Michael Hunt, Shoko Teryuma, Mike Helke (Morning Session) Adam Field and Linda Sikora (Afternoon Session)

*The option to register for the full workshop is available through any of the REGISTER NOW options above*