Morean Arts Center Upcoming Exhibits

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Artofficial Intelligence: 8th Annual St. Pete Robot Exchange

September 14 – 27, 2019 (opening reception September 14, 5 to 9pm)


Cats Vs. Dogs Show

August 10 – 30, 2019  (opening reception August 10, 5 to 9pm)

The age-old debate gets the artistic treatment this summer. Come pick your favorite!

You Can Feel What We See: Works by Visually Impaired Students in Pinellas County Schools

September 20 – October 20, 2019  

The concept behind this show is to introduce the sighted viewer to the way visually impaired people view their world, literally, with their hands. Most of the more than 70 pieces of artwork submitted are touchable and people are encouraged to touch the artwork in a gentle, methodical way that will bring out the whole picture after “feeling” the sum of the parts. 

BASK: 20 Years

October 12 – 26, 2019  (opening reception October 12, 5 to 9pm)

This exhibition is a 20 year retrospective of the artist known as Bask.

Bask is the moniker of one, Ales Bask Hostomsky, who along with his parents emigrated from Czechoslovakia to Florida and began to soak up America’s popular iconic imagery along with the sun.

He quickly began to notice similarities between the communistic iconic propaganda from his youth and the consumer advertising of his teens. Bask soon discovered that they were simply two sides of the same coin. Each vying for our short-lived attention spans, all the while selling us (or telling us?) anything and everything from Marxism to McDonalds.

Seeking conspiracies—and finding them embedded in the popular iconography of the mass media, Bask began painting bold, media-critical broadsides to assuage his fear of being manipulated. A fear cultivated in a repressive regime had now returned, but to the most unlikely and safest of places—the American living room.

The artist’s richly textural work imbue his “anti-iconic,” sometimes satirical worldview with an undercurrent of dark emotion. His canvases are the city’s flotsam and jetsam of industrial and consumer decay. Combining his graphic skill with his trademark multi-layered applications, Bask builds up the surface only to break down the image. “My art is a type of deconstruction,” says Bask, “I try to focus on the imperfection of things, rather than their unachievable perfection.”


October 12 – 26, 2019  (opening reception October 12, 5 to 9pm)

Hailing from Tampa, JUJMO is a muralist and illustrator with an affinity for playing with color. She loves to explore various motifs found in Japanese folklore and enjoys the company of animals, especially dogs. This is her first solo exhibition. 

Daniel Lloyd-Miller: Scenes of Transformation

October 12 – 26, 2019  (opening reception October 12, 5 to 9pm)

St. Pete is a changing city and while many artists both in town and visiting for SHINE will leave their indelible mark on the city’s walls this year, Lloyd-Miller’s primary efforts will be to capture and explore the more ephemeral feeling of St. Pete itself. This exhibition is a collection of paintings ranging in size that best describe his experience and exploration during this time. Lloyd-Miller’s goal is that, as a mirror provides a likeness of the truth, so too will his paintings portray the zeitgeist of this city during this time of plenty.


BEHOLD: 2019 Holiday Show & Sale


November 9 – December 29, 2019  (opening reception November 9, 5 to 9pm)

Our annual sale of artwork by our member artists! Come find something for everyone on your holiday shopping list, in a variety of styles and price ranges. Includes ornaments, stockings, functional ceramics, paintings, photography and more. 

Art of Valor Exhibition


November 9 – December 29, 2019  (opening reception November 9, 5 to 9pm)

The Morean Arts Center has partnered with James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital to offer glassblowing to military patients and veterans as part of a community-based arts program. The inception of Operation: Art of Valor began at the Morean Glass Studio & Hot Shop March 18, 2018, with a mission to serve the military and veteran population through structured, hands-on learning that focuses on improving cognition, social interaction, physical dexterity, teamwork and confidence.

This exhibition features work created in the program, as well as photographs and video of the artists in action. 

Terry Brett: Iconic Renaissance


November 9 – December 29, 2019  (opening reception November 9, 5 to 9pm)

Inspired by his travels to Italy, Terry Brett delved deep into religious iconography, frescos, mosaics and gold leaf.  With scored clay on canvas and applied fresco images, Terry’s subjects range from the spiritual to the mythical.  



January 11 – February 28, 2020  (opening reception January 11, 5 to 9pm)

I Am… is a group exhibition that proposes a new way to further overcome the relative uselessness or ineffectiveness of prejudgment. It proposes to reveal through the lens of a multitude of photographers from various parts of the globe what can be possible in the growing dispersion and development of the human race, images that transcend boundaries and belief systems. Curated by D. Dominick Lombardi  Pictured: Liz Guarracino’s portrait of Sunday Ray