Morean Arts Center Upcoming Exhibits

SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival Exhibition

October 8 – 27, 2018

Featuring artists from this year’s festival as well as our local street artists and muralists. See new works by Daniel “R5” Barojas, BASK, Bekky Beukes, DAAS, Angela Faustina, Illsol, J&S Signs, Jennifer Kosharek, Ya LaFord, LOOK the Weird, Cecilia Lueza, Chad Mize, Palehorse, Gibbs Rounsavall, April Seelbach, the Vitale Brothers, Justin Wagher, Zulu Painter, and more.

Opening Reception is Saturday, October 13th,  5 to 9pm

Thank you to our reception sponsors!




DANIEL “R5” BAROJAS–St. Petersburg, FL

Born in Mexico City and now living in St. Petersburg, Daniel Barojas, also known as R5, works in various artistic mediums including mixed media illustration, watercolor, graphic/product design, jewelry, photography, toys and graffiti. Using cultural and street influences as inspirations for his art, Daniel mission is to spread positivity by means of creativity.







BASK’s richly textural work imbue his “anti-iconic,” sometimes satirical worldview with an undercurrent of dark emotion. His canvases are the city’s flotsam and jetsam of industrial and consumer decay. Combining his graphic skill with his trademark multi-layered applications, Bask builds up the surface only to break down the image. “My art is a type of deconstruction,” says Bask, “I try to focus on the imperfection of things, rather than their unachievable perfection.”





BEKKY BEUKES –St. Petersburg, FL

Bekky Beukes, known for her emotionally charged work, was born and raised in South Africa and immigrated to the United States in 2014. This personal revolution allowed  Beukes the unexpected opportunity to explore her intrinsic love for painting. Intrigued by the notion of combining opposite matter, she creates unnatural collaborations between form, exploring the relationship between dark and light, fueled by her fascination with internal and external chaos.



DAAS–Jacksonville, FL/Tokyo

DAAS is a Japan-based American contemporary artist. A Florida native who began his career after receiving a degree in Commercial Art and Graphic Design. He enjoys using color as a way to convey emotion, put forward a positive narrative and influence the viewer’s reaction. His artwork often pays homage to influences of Pop Art, Cubism and Origami, combining the basic elements of those styles into his own, creating recognizable portraits of humans and animals.







Faustina’s artwork takes close-ups to the extreme. The vibrant imagery is easily identified as organic but from there the imagination can take over. She constantly changes the physical scale of her paintings and species of fruit to heighten the sense of mystery. She seeks to blur the boundaries between abstraction and representation, the microcosmic and macrocosmic, attraction and repulsion, and whimsy and the scientific.



Michelle Sawyer and Tony Krol are a husband / wife team working under the moniker Illsol. The name “Illsol” combines “Sawyer, Krol” while simultaneously referencing the Spanish word for “Sun” (noting Michelle’s Cuban heritage as her family moved to Ybor City from Cuba in the 1930s, and referencing their goal to “brighten” spaces with color and thoughtful imagery.)
Michelle’s work is clean-lined, often symmetrical, and bold, while Tony’s work is often distressed, layered, and muted at times. Their work together is in the realm of large murals and installation projects in which final pieces are subtly textured with overlaying clear images and bold lines.





J&S SIGNS–Portland, OR

J&S Signs was founded by Jeffrey Sincich and Josh Stover in St. Petersburg, Florida in 2013. Jeffrey and Josh became friends at the University of Florida, where they each completed their BFA in ceramics. After college, they each spent some time working in the ceramics field before moving to St. Petersburg and forming a sign and mural painting business. In 2015, J&S Signs relocated to Portland, Oregon, where they are currently based. Jeffrey and Josh love to design signs and murals that include bold, graphic shapes, lettering and some illustrative elements. They draw inspiration from historic “ghost signs”, old advertising and vintage packaging when creating designs for signs and murals.




Tampa-based artist Jujmo brings her affinity for color to life through drawings and paintings of happy, intertwined worlds. Fanciful, cartoonish, and strange creatures collide in her densely patterned compositions on walls, canvases, and even shoes and cars.






Jennifer Kosharek is a professional curator, painter, street artist and rag doll maker. She has shown locally and internationally for the past ten years, and her artwork is held in museum archives and collections around the world, including the Smithsonian and the Museums of Modern Art in NY, Wales and Brazil. Kosharek focuses artistically on bright, cheery images that promote the whimsical side of life.





MATT KRESS–St. Pete Beach, FL










CECILIA LUEZA–St. Petersburg, FL

Originally from Argentina, Cecilia Lueza’s work is a personal expression of her lifelong fascination with the visual effects of color, light and shadow, negative spaces, and the changing alignment of objects as one’s viewpoint changes. Inspired by nature and geometric abstraction, her recent work explores the concepts of space, movement and transition. Through a meticulous and careful process she strives to create unique pieces of great visual impact.





CHAD MIZE–St. Petersburg, FL

Chad Mize is a multimedia artist, designer and muralist residing in St. Petersburg, FL. His purpose for creating art is to inspire and uplift the viewer. He consistently saturates his work with colors and concepts that radiate happiness. This originates from his endless desire to produce optimistic imagery in various forms. He finds great pleasure in sharing his vision and leaving his mark on modern culture.






SARAH PAGE–St. Petersburg, FL

By day, Sarah Page serves as Associate Director of Development and Marketing at Quantum Leap Farm, a nonprofit providing equine-assisted therapies. As a side hustle, she’s an artist and graphic designer. Sarah is inspired by the science of the cosmos and the possibilities of outer space. The unique outcome of life on earth gives her deeper appreciation for our planet and the ever-increasing need for us to protect it.








Chris Parks is the digital illustrator and fine artist known as Palehorse. With well over a decade of experience as a professional illustrator, Palehorse creates incredibly rich and detailed work that draws influence from his roots, combined with an ongoing fascination for Southeast Asian and Latin cultures, cultivated by travel and a love of nature, esoteric art, mythology and spiritual practice.







Pep Rally Inc. makes ideas physical, blending art and design into one tangible and potent platform.  Founded in 2014 by multifaceted artists Jay Giroux, Josh Pearson, and Greg Bryon, Pep Rally shines brightest when building the philosophy of a project from the ground up. They are thinkers, producers, and celebrators who keep their hands in the paint, thriving on interaction and collaboration.




A Fine Arts graduate from the University of Tampa, Melanie is known for painting photo realistic women with beautiful hues of the rainbow. Her signature style of using vibrant colors and mixed media brings an immersive and striking element to her work. Her portraits can be found all around the Tampa Bay Region, in galleries and local businesses.








Gibbs Rounsavall is an abstract artist exploring perceptions of space through the relationships of line, shape and color. He has always had an enthusiasm for research and experiment using color to excite the eye and explore the psychology of perception. He is fascinated by color’s ability to transport us through time, elicit memories and suspend perceptions of reality.




April Seelbach has lived in St. Petersburg nearly her entire life. After driving across the country for the first time in 2014, Seelbach became addicted to life on the road, and has spent hundreds of hours exploring in her seafoam Chevy Astro van. She combines large scale photographs of her travels with 60s and 70s patterns, style and color schemes.


TASKO–Clearwater, FL

Tasko is a Florida based graffiti writer whose specialty is wildstyle. He started writing his name on things at an early age at first as something to pass the time, and it quickly became an obsession. Almost 20 years later his work has evolved from simple tags into works of art. His letters intersect with one another as they float across the wall with an explosion of color that will catch the eye of any one passing by.







Michael Vahl is a visual artist born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He specializes in one off detailed portraiture and other unique crafted styles of artwork typically depicted with oil & acrylic that draws influences from pop art and modern culture but with a Vahl twist, creating a one of a kind visual experience.







JUSTIN WAGHER–St. Petersburg, FL

A native of St. Petersburg, Justin Wagher’s work is a mirror of surroundings that reflect commonality with the viewer while highlighting a personal perspective of his environment unique to his experience. Though his paintings, he hopes to share a humbling experience, a visual representation of the people and places, the streets and alleys, the often overlooked surroundings that are St. Petersburg- his home.






ZULU PAINTER–St. Petersburg, FL 

Zulu Painter is a visual artist creating in St. Petersburg. His large scale paintings and murals evoke positive energy and encourage light inside of the viewer. Utilizing organic and in-organic forms, alongside images of people, Zulu paints contemplative picture planes. He says, “I want you to ingest and consider the elements of the painting and allow a moment of mindfulness while viewing my art. We are all connected and share most of the same needs. If we are mindful of this on the daily, maybe we can connect more as a whole.”







Merry & Bright: 2018 Holiday Show & Sale

November 10 – December 28, 2018

Annual member show with a buy-local focus for the holidays!



Justin Wagher: Where I Come From

November 10- December 28, 2018

This exhibition by St. Petersburg native, Justin Wagher, explores the connection between home and place. He begins by looking around at his environment photographing scenes that represent his perception of “home.” These everyday, sometimes banal, scenes become slightly abstracted paintings imbued with a sense of nostalgia and recognition.

“The title ‘Where I Come From’ was an attempt to put these pieces into context with what I felt home looked like; not necessarily a whole interpretation of the city but more of the places and sights I find comfort from- where I find my place to be.

Ideally, I hope to share a humbling experience, a visual representation of the people and places, the streets and alleys, the often overlooked surroundings that are St. Petersburg- that are my home.”

-Justin Wagher



Fresh Squeezed 3: Emerging Artists in Florida

May 11- June 28, 2019

The Morean is pleased to invite emerging artists currently residing in Florida to submit entries for possible exhibition in the third annual Fresh Squeezed: Emerging Artists in Florida. The exhibition will be held at the Morean Arts Center May 11 – June 28, 2019. The purpose of Fresh Squeezed is to nurture and advance the careers of emerging visual artists while also giving our community the opportunity to discover exciting new art being made in our region.