Morean Center for Clay Current Exhibitions

Artist-in-Residence Exit Shows

The Morean Center for Clay is proud to present the works of four exiting artists of its 2018-19 Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program by giving each artist their very own solo exhibition. The exhibitions serve as a capstone experience for the program, showcasing a concentration of each artist’s work during their time at the Morean Center for Clay.

June 8-30
Emmett Freeman explores themes of identity through various forms and mediums. He features photographs and ceramic sculptures of himself, along with details about Emmett the person. Emmett also challenges the concept of perception through the masks we wear and how we see ourselves in others.

Inherent Qualities
June 8-21
Throughout Jacob Meer’s two-year span of making pots at the Morean Center for Clay, Jacob has been exploring wood firing as a means to glaze his work. Inherent Qualities explores how different clay bodies react within the same wood kilns, and how those clay bodies affect the shape and quality of each pot.