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September 8 – October 29, 2017


Casey McDonough & Kenny Jensen: (in/af)finities



Two artists probing the analogous and infinitely related structures of our universe, from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic.



Casey McDonough (in collaboration with Joe Page), Post Digital Landscapes (detail), 2017




Bryce Hammond: Structure


Bryce Hammond’s work records evidence of human presence in man-made environments through first-hand observation of poverty culture. This data is compiled to pollinate and present diverse techniques of expression including participatory installation, voyeuristic sound and documentation through paintings and other art objects.

Hammond received his BA in Art History from Furman University in 1992, and his MFA in Emerging Media from the University of Central Florida in 2013. He has had solo exhibitions around the US including New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta, among many others. His paintings are held in major corporate and private collections throughout the United States. Hammond has received the Sam and Adele Golden Foundation Fellowship, Florida Fellowship for the Arts, the Gulnar Bosch travel grant, and Fiscal Sponsorship from the New York Foundation for the Arts.

Bryce Hammond, Chartres Cathedral Parkwood Mobile Home Park, 2015, acrylic on wood, Collection of Marcia and Neil Dorsey




 Josette Urso: More than Before


Josette Urso makes paintings, drawings and collages working directly and urgently in response to her immediate environment. For Urso, space is a malleable substance that she delights in manipulating acrobatically in a kind of gymnasium of mark making and image collision all governed by intuitive leaps of scale, color, and a wayward geometry. Her approach involves “moment-to-moment” extrapolation where the contrasts and cross-fertilizations are cumulative, non-linear, free flowing and interpretive. She strives to discover and engage the known as well as the unknown in unforeseen ways.

Urso has shown widely in the United States and abroad in galleries, public institutions, and museums including the New York Public Library, the Drawing Center, and the Bronx Museum for the Arts. She has had numerous grants and residencies including those from the NEA, Basil H. Alkazzi and the Gottlieb and Pollock-Krasner Foundations as well as the Camargo Foundation, Ucross and Yaddo.

Josette Urso, Amber Sea, 2017, oil on panel



September 20 – October 20, 2017

 You Can Feel What We See: Tactile Artwork by Visually Impaired Students in Pinellas County Schools








August 25 – October 25, 2017

 Elizabeth Barenis + Marcia Treiger at the Hermitage






July 8 – August 19, 2017

99th Annual Members Show


The Morean Arts Center continues to dedicate this season as a time to appreciate our members and celebrate their talent.

The 2017 members exhibition includes nearly 250 works of art expressing a full spectrum of images and ideas through painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, jewelry, clay, mixed media, fiber, mosaic, glass and digital art, all from our gifted members. Our members are the heart and soul of the Morean, and we are proud to showcase their work during this time.


Photo: Bea Dreier





Heather Hickman: Light, Color, Abstract

Continuing a new tradition at the Morean, we present last year’s Margaret Murphy Steward Best of Show winner, Heather Hickman. In addition to a cash prize, the winning artist receives a solo show in our gallery to coincide with the following year’s members show. Heather is the fifth artist to receive this opportunity, and we are pleased to showcase her latest photographs during this time. Here’s what she has to say about her work:

“I like it when light catches my eye and then the investigation begins as I seek to capture, with my camera, how the light affects the colors of the objects it touches. The varying sources of light are ever-changing and thus so are the many colors brought to life by light. Whether or not it is bright or dim light from sunlight, fluorescent, incandescent or even moonlight, it is within the interplay of light and color that I strive to find the abstract treasures created by their partnership.”



June 10 – September 15, 2017

 Let’s Get Artsy! 2017 Summer Camp Exhibition

This exhibition features work from students in the Morean’s 10-week summer camp program in a variety of media from digital to photography to clay to painting to collage.







As It Grows 3

Through August 23, 2017

 Marci McDonald at the Hermitage

The Morean and Hermitage Apartment Homes are partnering to bring recognition to our local artists by way of exhibition space. The first floor lobby of the  Hermitage, located two blocks from the Morean, is a beautiful, airy, contemporary space–perfect for showcasing artwork. Marci McDonald’s luminous works have a purely emotional mystery that strikes the viewer with the desire to come into the paintings, to fully experience her intent. Her desire is to make art of unquestionable quality, executed with ever-increasing skill,  in search of NEW beauty.

Click here to visit Marci’s website







May 13 – June 25, 2017

For 100 years, the Morean has been a place for art lovers to gather and exhibit, create, and learn about contemporary art. At the heart of our organization are the artists, including staff members, artists who live in our community, artists who teach classes and the students who learn from them. Artists from all over the country who come to St. Pete to show their work in our galleries, or in murals on our walls. This exhibition tells our history through 100 of the individual artists who shaped our organization and made it what it is today. These artists represent the diversity and talent that has propelled the Morean forward for 100 years, allowing the organization to adapt and grow and remain relevant to this community for a century.

Click here to read more about our 100 exhibiting artists




March 11 – April 30, 2017

FreshSqueezed-LogoFresh Squeezed: Emerging Artists in Florida

True to its mission of connecting people with art, the Morean invited emerging artists from across the state to vie for space in this exciting group exhibition. Selected artists will create site-specific installations in our galleries, as well as participate in talks and connect with local collectors. This program will facilitate the development of emerging artists’ careers while giving our community the opportunity to view new work being made in our region.

2017 Participating Artists

Marium Rana


Marium Rana is an American-born Pakistani artist. She is a graduate of Florida State University, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art in 2013 and a Masters in Art Education in 2014. In 2011, she received an undergraduate research grant to study traditional Mughal miniature painting in Lahore, Pakistan. Marium has curated numerous art exhibitions, held solo exhibitions, and exhibited throughout the United States. She has served as the design chair for TED x FSU, and presented her research in miniature painting in workshops and symposiums.

“My current series, A Place to Call Home, delves into the complexity of belonging to two different cultures and trying to make a home out of stories of places and moments one has not personally experienced. The paintings depict landscapes that do not exist in our tangible world and seem as imaginary as the places that have existed before us.”

Marium Rana

 Rebecca Zweibel


Originally from Connecticut, Rebecca holds a degree in psychology from Illinois State University.  Rebecca lived in Colorado with her husband and two children for almost 27 years and availed herself of some art classes at the nearby community college while her children were in school. There she discovered clay, which became a focus for her from that point on. In 2008 she and her husband moved to Alexandria, Virginia. She joined a studio nearby and found that clay continued to absorb almost all of her attention. After five years in Virginia her husband retired, and they decided to move to St. Petersburg, in large part because of the artistic bent of the area and the availability of studio space in the Morean Center for Clay.

“Formation of my vessels begins with two identical slabs of clay that have been cut into freeform shapes that I find interesting. I attach them to each other and use my hands and various tools to add volume. The decorative elements of my vessels are driven by their sculptural forms. I draw through the applied colored layer to the base clay below; I find the use of dark clay emphasizes line and the intensity of color. My work is always changing. Clay gives me infinite challenges, inspiration and means of expressing my love of working with my hands.”

Rebecca Zweibel

Chris Otten


Chris Otten was born in 1984 in Altus, Oklahoma. His interest in photography grew after exploring back roads along the Llano Estacado in West Texas. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Central Oklahoma and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of South Florida in 2011. He has exhibited nationally, including galleries in Annapolis, Long Beach, Minneapolis, Tampa and Wichita. He lives and teaches in Tampa, Florida.

“In my series Encounters, I have been looking at domestic spaces that I have occupied and various public outings around my current residence in Florida. For the longest time it was challenging to relate to this place. Even if the images come across as easily understood, that can be the grace of the work. Excluding extraneous subject matter, I noticed that the scenes were more introspective than my previous photographs. The scenes are not representative of Florida or any other place. Rather, they are a closer look at the curious nature of the mundane.”

Chris Otten Fresh Squeezed

 Penelope Livingston


Penelope Livingston was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1976 and moved to Tampa in 1990. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from the University of South Florida and also holds a Florida Teaching Certificate in Art. She worked out of a studio space in the Corina Cigar Factory for many years where she painted large scale representational compositions in oil, and currently works on small sketches and acrylic paintings in her Riverside Heights home studio.

“Nostalgia, solitude, gratitude, the complexity of the mind and the simplicity of the soul: these are the primary elements upon which my work is based. I am inspired by people and places with a joyous spirit and a quiet humility. The skateboarder coasting downhill against a blue sky, the woman alone with her thoughts at the bus stop, or the aluminum porch awning supporting the weight of an heirloom vine: my heart sings with these glimpses into the gentleness of human nature and I hope to share that joy with others through my art.

Penelope Livingston Fresh Squeezed

 Brian Feldman

Brian Feldman

Brian Feldman’s work has been presented at venues all over the US.  Brian Feldman Projects have garnered worldwide media coverage, including television, print, and blogs.  He also has extensive experience as an actor, having made his professional acting debut at age 10 with Orlando Shakespeare Theater. Since then, he has performed in over 50 film, television and theatrical productions, working with four Oscar-nominated directors in the process.

For Fresh Squeezed, Brian will be in the gallery space each weekend during the run of the exhibition, making cups of fresh-squeezed Florida orange juice for visitors in exchange for a drawing.

“My performance work seeks to challenge, develop and emphasize human interaction and interpersonal relationships in real time about the facade of intimacy created by contemporary electronic social media. Highlighting everyday events clears up the boundaries between public and private space, to define time (what it is, how we use it) and to challenge societal definitions of norms. The original narrative of a performance serves as a framework, not as a restrictive script, so that spontaneous response can be created and the viewer can interact and participate within the event and not just be passively entertained.”

Barry Goodman


Barry originally intended to become an architect, but studied graphic design instead before pursuing a successful career in design and illustration. He later studied printmaking at The London College of Printing (University of The Arts London). His prints and paintings have been widely exhibited both across the UK and internationally; some of these are now adorning walls as far apart as Streatham, San Francisco, New York and Naples. His work is held in public and private collections including The Library of Congress, Washington D.C. and The China Printmaking Museum, Shenzhen.

“Cartography, in general, requires a degree of artistic license. The maps we use today, although extremely impressive and comprehensive, are totally impersonal. Satellite GPSs, smartphones and Google do all the groundwork for us, and therefore will never have the romanticism of the travel-worn pocket map.  When I first arrived in St. Pete, I set about discovering my new adopted home, not just the obvious features of the city, but the mundane and everyday elements of the urban fabric on foot.  I wanted to record all of this, and what better way than a hand drawn map? What started on the kitchen table has grown into a very large scale map, covering in detail most of the city of St. Petersburg. Stretching from Downtown to the beach, it features my many observations, both factual, imagined and humorous. “

Barry G (5 of 17)

Fresh Squeezed is sponsored in part by:







 January 14 – February 24, 2017


brian-harperMajor Mud 3


Known for exhibiting painting and drawing, the Art Club of St. Petersburg displayed the first sculptural work in 1958, the 30th year of that organization. In the early 1990s and again in 2000, local potter Russ Gustafson-Hilton brought nationally-recognized artists in the field of ceramics to our gallery. Independent curator and former Morean staff member Melissa Yungbluth carries on the tradition by inviting nearly 25 artists from across the country to share their latest works with our community. Though differing in style and studio practice, these cutting-edge artists all demonstrate how this ancient medium is still relevant, with connections to social media, podcasts, collaborations with retailers, and more. Participating artists include: Jennifer Allen, Dan Anderson, Blair Clemo, Sunshine Cobb, Russ Gustafson-Hilton, John Glick, Brian Harper (pictured), Bryan Hopkins, Meredith Host, Randy Johnston, Brian R. Jones, Karen Karnes, Gail Kendall, Suze Lindsay, Lindsay Oesterritter, Jeff Oestreich, Kip O’Krongly, Doug Peltzman, Greg Pugh, Emily Schroeder Willis, Deborah Schwartzkopf, David Shaner, and Shawn Spangler.



 The Journey: Photographs Along the Way

Famed National Geographic photographer Sam Abell selected artwork for this exhibition which focuses not on the destination of a journey, but how you get there. Out of nearly 400 entries, Sam chose 32 pieces from artists from 21 states that capture the boredom and exhilaration of travel, and commutes both ordinary and epic.

Participating artists include: Claire Apana, Virginia Blaisdell, Greta Brubaker, John Carney, Brett Leigh Dicks, John Francis, Seth Harwood (pictured), Charles Haynes, Tim LaBarge, Diane Lieux, Kimberly Llerena, Jim Lustenader, Helene Macaulay, Brian Malloy, Trevor Messersmith, Melanie Metz, Lauren Mitchell, Rachel Perry, Joseph Podlesnik, Mary Rhodomoyer, Douglas Schmidt, Abril Sicairos, Larry Simon, Steven Smith, William Stickles, Emily Stone, Marian Tagliarino, Samantha VanDeman, Lillis Werder and Caren Winnall.




September 10 – October 30, 2016

Paradise Cities: Urban Art in Florida

An exhibition featuring the work of 10 female artists in the Sunshine State who incorporate a street art aesthetic into their studio practice. Participants include Hilary White and Iryna Kanischeva of Gainesville, Joelle Dietrick of Tallahassee, Angela Delaplane of Tampa, and Jennifer Kosharek, Cecilia Lueza, Jeannette St. Amour, Suzy Schultz, Naomi Glueck and Sarah Sheppard of St. Petersburg. The show will coincide with the 2nd annual SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival, in which several of these artists are participants.


David Williams: I Wish You Could Hear What I’m Thinking

David Williams is known for his paintings appropriating images from magazines, advertisements, and other bits of pop culture. This exhibition features work from series he completed in the last 15 years, and demonstrates his influence on local street artists working in the Bay area.


May 14 – June 24, 2016

Orange State

Synovus Gallery

Have you ever felt like you were in an Orange State of mind? Come celebrate some of Central Florida’s most colorful artists in this exhibition curated by Katherine Gibson. Participating artists include Ruby C. Williams, Bud Lee, Suzanne Camp Crosby, Diana Lucas Leavengood, Margaret Ross Tolbert, Gary Borse and Carl Knickerbocker.


Kendra Frorup: Excess Baggage

Hough Gallery

University of Tampa art professor Kendra Frorup draws from her Bahamian heritage to create her sculpture, prints, and mixed media installations.

 Nancy Cervenka: Still/Here

Stanley Gallery

Nancy Cervenka’s intricate lm sculptures are a regular on the local gallery circuit. This is your chance to view her familiar and new works as the artist contemplates a move cross-country.


 Esteban Machado Diaz: A Matter of Time

Everette Gallery

Machado Diaz is an artist living in Cuba whose luminous oil paintings question the boundaries of

land and water, dreams and reality. This is his rst solo exhibition in the United States. The artist will give a free gallery talk on June 11th, 6pm.

March 12 – May 1, 2016

Exquisite Porch

Synovus & Everett Galleries
A swampy, creepy-crawly spin on the Surrealist parlor game Exquisite Corpse, this exhibition focuses on the ground-dwelling wildlife of Florida.  Artist, writer and independent curator D. Dominick Lombardi selected artists from the New York City area, while the Morean selected artists from Central Florida to play by creating drawings which reference things that go bump in the night.  The resulting work raises awareness of the history of the game, its relevance to contemporary art, and celebrates the fauna of the Sunshine State.

Jody Fausett: Crush Velvet

Hough Gallery

Atlanta-based photographer Fausett’s work deals with human vulnerability, the self-construction of facades, the rites of ownership, and the creation of personal icons that represent who and what we are. His ideas are a collision of interests: the encounters he depicts unfold quietly and are laced with the fantastic, a kind of fantastic that deals with personal identity and that overcomes struggle. Fausett is represented by Jackson Fine Art in Atlanta.

PCCA Senior Thesis Exhibition

Stanley Gallery

See works from emerging artists Mallory Lundquist, Indigo Naar and Moses Jeune, all seniors in the Pinellas County Center for the Arts at Gibbs High School.



January 9 – February 19, 2016


Synovus Gallery

A collaborative exhibition with Florida CraftArt, this exhibition explores the relationship between mentors and mentees in the ceramics world. 17 Florida-based artists were asked to select someone who inspired them, and someone they inspire. The groupings will be displayed as trios in the gallery, inviting comparison and dialogue. See functional and sculptural ceramics from artists across the country. Curated by Melissa Yungbluth from the Morean. Exhibition sponsored by Beth Morean and Kathryn Howd.

2016 Student/Instructor Exhibition

Hough, Everett & Stanley Galleries

The Morean has a long and rich history of teaching art in St. Petersburg, reaching back nearly 100 years. See the latest works of our dedicated and talented instructors, accompanied by the accomplishments of their students in our annual exhibition featuring photography, jewelry, sculpture, ceramics, painting and drawing.

Imagine That!: Word & Image High School Exhibition

Risser Gallery

Our 19th annual arts and literacy program for Pinellas County students in grades 9-12.


November 14 – December 27, 2015

There’s No Time Like the Presents: 2015 Holiday Show and Sale

Hough, Synovus & Stanley Galleries

Members of the Morean Arts Center were invited to create items in a broad range of themes and mediums for this retail-oriented exhibition. Find a unique work of art for everyone on your holiday shopping list! Our Morean Gallery Store also has ornaments, stocking stuffers, jewelry, functional pottery, and other items for gift giving for every taste and price range, all from local artists.



Kim Turner-Smith: Labyrinth of Daydreams

Everett Gallery

Florida-based photographer Turner-Smith draws inspiration from her everyday surroundings, specifically, life at home with her two daughters. Full of wonder and spontaneity yet grounded in reality, these images document the artist’s own journey as a mother, and serve as a visual reminder of both the magic and brevity of childhood. Join us for “Family as Muse”, a panel discussion about photographers who use their families as their subject. Beth Reynolds will serve as moderator. Thursday, November 19th, 6-8pm.

Imagine That!: Word & Image Middle School Exhibition

November 14 – December 20, 2015

Risser Gallery

The kick-off of our 19th annual arts and literacy program for Pinellas County students in grades 6-8.




September 12 – October 30, 2015


Leave a Message returns to the Morean! Urban art has a long and rich history, with many artists who look past permission and conventional art techniques in order to make their talents known. In conjunction with the SHINE Mural Festival, curator Tes One presents a selection of those artists whose work blurs the line between the street and the gallery, and whose practice has evolved the genres of graffiti art, illustration and graphic design—making their message impossible to ignore.


Featuring new works by: Acut/ Andrew Spear / Bask / Derek Gores / Eric Orr / Francesco LoCastro / Hoxxoh /Jeff Srsic / Michael Vasquez / Morning Breath / Nathan Beard / Palehorse / Pep Rally Inc / Phil Holt / Ricky Watts / Stoic / Tes One / Ya La’ford




   Art. Write. Now. Tour 2015-2016

Welcome to the Art.Write.Now.Tour, the national traveling exhibition of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Curated, produced, and presented by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, the Tour showcases a selection of works from the 2015 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards  – inspiring and innovative work by teens from all across the country.

Now in its sixth year, the Tour is celebrated for being the most fresh and relevant look at creative work by young artists today. If you want to know what issues are on the minds of teenagers, the Art.Write.Now.Tour is sure to provide valuable insights through the lens of sophisticated and captivating artworks.

New for 2015-16, the Art.Write.Now.Tour includes an Educator’s Guide developed by Scholastic Art Magazine for classroom visits and for online learning! Click here to download.

The Best Teen Writing of 2015, our annual anthology of award-winning writing, will be available to view on iPad minis, and also includes an Educator’s Guide developed by the National Writing Project. The book will be available for purchase in the fall on


July 11 – August 21, 2015

 97th Annual Members Show

2015 marks the 97th anniversary of the Morean’s annual members show! To celebrate the approach of our 100th years, we asked each member to bring us their best work in any theme.  Tracy Midulla Reller, Founder and Creative Director of Tempus Projects in Tampa, is this year’s juror.






Continuing a new tradition, last year’s Margaret Murphy Steward Best of Show award winner receives a solo exhibition.  See brand new work by the Carter Venture, dystopian and absurdist in nature, which addresses current cultural issues such as consumerism and immediate gratification.

We Made Some Art!: 2015 Summer Camp Exhibition

A work in progress, view what our campers ages 5 through 15 are creating this summer!



 May 9 – June 28, 2015

 2015 All-Florida Juried Exhibition

The Morean invited artists from the Sunshine State to vie for nearly $2,500 in prizes.  Wallace Wilson, Director of the School of Art and Art History at USF selected 59 pieces from over 350 entries.  Visitors will discover new talent as well as see recent work from familiar artists in this exhibition.




 Instructor Exhibition

The Morean has a long and rich history of teaching art in St. Petersburg, reaching back nearly 100 years.  See the latest works by our dedicated and talented instructors and get inspired to participate in our extensive educational programs!

 Student Exhibition

Each year, hundreds of adults experience an art class at the Morean.  We celebrate their accomplishments in this annual exhibition which includes painting, drawing, glass, clay, sculpture, jewelry and photography.



March 14 – April 19, 2015

 KYLE: Catastrophes

Orlando-based artist KYLE creates mixed media paintings, constructions and site-specific installations that speak to the world in which we live.  His work draws paralells between order and chaos, belief and propaganda, the everyday and the uncanny.



David Henry Williams: True Blues

From 1981 to 2014, award-winning photographer and Tampa resident David Henry Williams has documented Blues musicians.  This exhibition conveys his interpretation of this unique American music and the individuals who create it.

PCCA Senior Thesis Exhibitions

See works from emerging artists Sophie Ammon, Zoe Cappello, Alex Fox, Fairan Serrano, Pamela Bulu and Amanda Matthews, all seniors in the Pinellas County Center for the Arts at Gibbs High School.

BreakOut: Inspired Artist Studios @ PARC, Inc.

The mission of PARC, Inc. is to provide people with intellectual and developmental disabilities opportunities to gain independence and to live life to the fullest.  See the latest works by the Artists who participate in the inspired Studios @ PARC, Inc.

My Personal Hero: World and Image Elementary School Exhibition

The continuation of our 18th annual arts and literacy program for Pinellas County students in grades 3-5.



January 10 – March 1, 2015

 7 In/7 Out: Florida Ceramics

To coincide with the Morean Center for Clay’s Florida Heat Symposium Series, the Morean showcases the work of 14 artists–7 of whom currently live and work in Florida, and 7 artists who got their start in clay in the Sunshine state and now live elsewhere.




 A True Story: Beth Reynolds and the St. Pete Photo Club

Longtime St. Pete resident and documentary photographer Beth Reynolds ha deep roots at the Morean Arts Center.  See works by nearly 20 of her former students who have now gone on to do great things in the field of photography, all starting from taking that first art class.

International Society of Acrylic Painters Florida: Annual Juried Exhibition

Founded in 2006 by a group of acrylic painters in the Tampa Bay area, ISAP-FL seeks to educate the public about the importance of this medium and to encourage artists in the field.  40 paintings by Florida artists were culled from over 400 by juror Robert Burridge for this annual exhibition.

My Personal Hero: Word and Image Middle School Exhibition

The continuation of our 18th annual arts and literacy program for Pinellas County students in grades 6-8.



November 8 – December 28, 2014

There’s No Time Like the Presents: 2014 Holiday Show and Sale

Find a unique work of art by our Morean members for everyone on your holiday shopping list!  Our Morean Gallery Store also has ornaments, stocking stuffers, jewelry, functional pottery, and other items for gift giving for every taste and price range, all from local artists.


Thomas Murray: This is Our Garden

In his most recent series of paintings, Thomas Murray uses flowers and figures to provide the vehicles for an exploration in decorative pattern which carries with it a subtle critique of the ownership of deities. A consummate painter and draftsman, this is Murray’s third solo exhibition at the Morean in the past 15 years.

My Personal Hero: World and Image Elementary School Exhibition

The kick-off of our 18th annual arts and literacy program for Pinellas County students in grades 3-5.


September 13 – October 26, 2014

 Eyesplice Collective: Spatial Disruption

EyeSplice Collective, a group of emerging artists, uses painting, drawing, video, sculpture and installation to map the boundaries of private and public space, and to examine how we are controlled by our environments.

Participating artists: Maria R. Cochez, Michelle Hagewood, Megan Hildebrandt, Sara Holwerda, Lauren Alyssa Howard, Sarah Kelly, Magnolia Laurie, Cynthia Mason, Ellen Mueller, Briana Phelps, Megan Piontkowski and Christine Sajecki.

Myron Hansen: Water Marks

Myron Hansen’s latest series of paintings focuses on the movement and energy of water and light in fountains, rendered in large-scale black and white images.



July 12 – August 17, 2014

96th Annual Members Show

2014 marks the 96th anniversary of the Morean’s annual members show! To celebrate the approach of our 100th years, we asked each member to bring us their best work in any theme.





Rose Marie Prins

Continuing a new tradition, last year’s Margaret Murphy Steward Best of Show award winner receives a solo exhibition.  Rose Marie Prins, winner of our 2013 Members Show, creates a site-specific installation using projection, sculpture, music and poetry.

Artists Under Construction: 2014 Summer Camp Exhibition

A work in progress, view what our campers ages 5 through 15 are creating this summer!



May 10 – June 29, 2014

 From the Classroom to the Studio

The Morean has selected seven artists who teach printmaking at Bay Area colleges and universities, highlighting their own artwork and studio practices.  See new works by Erika Greenberg-Scheider/Dominique Labauvie (USF St. Pete), Marjorie Greene (SPC), Ina Kaur (UT), Patrick Lindhardt (Ringling), Tracy Midulla Reller (HCC), Bradlee Shanks (USF), and Cat Thompson (Eckerd).


Body of Proofs: 20 Years of Collaboration

Christopher T. Creyts, owner of Collaborative Art Editions, Inc. has worked as a professional printer for many years, including time at Tyler Graphics, ULAE, GraphicStudio and Columbia University.  This exhibition features his collaboration with internationally-recognized artists such as Alex Katz, James Rosenquist, Matthew Day Jackson, David Salle, Gary Hume and Frank Stella.

Bite, Scratch & Expose: New Printmaking

27 artists hailing from 16 states demonstrate the versatility of printmaking in this juried survey of the medium.  See innovative prints in a wide range of processes and price ranges.  Guest juror Christopher T. Creyts will give a brief talk explainging his choices for exhibition.



March 8 – April 27, 2014

 Diane Elmeer: Of Sticks and Stones, Leaves and Grass

Retired USF art professor Diane Elmeer presents her latest paintings that are “souvenirs” of the unique visual events that she experiences in her everyday world.  Developed over a period of time and structured through what she remembers about how people, places and objects look, these works of art transport the viewer to an imaginary time and place.


Carol Dameron: Barcelona

Carol Dameron’s most recent series of oil paintings on wood resulted from a snake bite fiasco in Barcelona.  Preoccupied with life and death, the characters in her moody  landscapes weave stories based upon mythology and worldly belief systems.


Works with a strong narrative thread tie these artists together.  Ceramics by Stuart Asprey (OK), prints by Amy Lee (FL), paintings by I-Ling Eleen Lin (NY) and digital art by Ian Everett (FL).

PCCA Senior Thesis Exhibitions

See works from emerging artists Jameela Bailey, Angelica DeLillo, Sarah Gray, Emily Steullet, Eric Voorhis and Lauren Watters, all seniors in the Pinellas County Center for the Arts at Gibbs High School.

I See the Rhythm: Word and Image Middle and High School Exhibitions


January 10 – February 23, 2014

 Keep It Glassy, St. Pete!: Glass in the Sunshine City

How did the city of St. Petersburg become a significant glass destination in the span of a decade? Using artwork, photographs and interviews, we’ll share stories of artists who make their work exclusively in St. Pete.  Pauli Maiville, Douglas Taylor and David Spurgeon from the Morean’s Hot Shop, Duncan McClellan, Jacob Stout and Mariel Bass from Duncan McClellan Glass Studio, Chuck Boux, Harry Boux, Marlene Rose, Trush Duggan and Vasile Lozninau from Sigma Glass Studio, Josh Pohl and David Walker from Zen Glass, Catherine Woods of C Glass Studio, Len Neff and Jack and Val Beatty.

On the Surface: Clay Decoration

To coincide with the Train Station Center for Clay’s Florida Heat Firing Symposium: SURFACE, the Morean showcases the work of artists who push the limits of surface decoration in ceramics.  From colorful mugs to textured sculpture, 24 artists from 11 states demonstrate the versatility of the medium.

I See the Rhythm: Word and Image Elementary School Exhibition

The kick-off of our 17th Annual arts and literacy program for Pinellas County students in grades 3-5.



November 9, 2013 – January 1, 2014

 Season’s Eatings: 2013 Holiday Exhibition

Members of the Morean Arts Center were invited to create food-themed items for this retail-oriented exhibition.  Find a unique work of art for everyone on your holiday shopping list!  Our gallery store also has ornaments, stocking stuffers, jewelry, pottery, glass and other items for every taste and price range.






Artists focus on a variety of edible confections in this high-fructose exhibition.  See installations by Patricia Schnall Guiterrez (Miami) and Michaelene Walsh (Baton Rouge, LA), glass sculpture by Tim Tate (Washington, DC), paintings by Lou Haney (Oxford, MS) and photographs by Rebecca Sittler (Long Beach, CA) and the late Meredith Allen.

I See the Rhythm: Work and Image Elementary School Exhibition

The kick-off of our 17th Annual arts and literacy program for Pinellas County students in grades 3-5.



Septer 14 – October 27, 2013

 The Restoration of the Stolen Lock and other new Hair-inspired works by Jono Vaughan

Since 2009, Jono Vaughan has been producing works focusing on hair and its role in gender and social identity.  See the artist’s latest series, including large-scale drawings, paintings, video and printmaking

Hirsute: Artists Do Hair

Hair, from the glorious to the grotesque, is the star of this exhibition.  See works by Babs Reingold, St. Petersburg, Justin Nelson, Tampa; Petey Boy, OR; Aisha Cousins, Brooklyn; Kate Kretz, Siler Spring, MD, Joseph DR OLeary, Minneapolis and Rabea Ballin, Houston, TX.

 Artists Under Construction: 2013 Summer Camp Exhibition

A work in progress, view what our campers ages 5 through 15 are creating this summer.



July 13 – August 18, 2013

 HOME: 2013 Members Show

Come enjoy the best of our member’s talent!  We at the Morean are grateful that so many artists call our community “home.”  This year, our artist members were challenged to create a work of art that reflects what home signifies to them.

Wade Slater: Family Tree

Starting a new tradition, last year’s Margaret Murphy Stewart Best of Show award winner receives a solo exhibition.  Don’t miss Wade’s affordable playful “monsters” and other homages to mystery writers.



Artists Under Construction: 2013 Summer Camp Exhibition

A work in progress, view what our campers ages 5 through 15 are creating this summer.



May 11 – June 30, 2013

 Kurt Piazza: Towards the Edge of the Visible

A multi-media artist working primarily in video and installation, Piazza’s recent work explores the notion that physical space has a memory and intermixes dreamlike imagery with compelling sound.

Denis Gaston: YaySayers and NaySayers

In this new series of drawings and paintings, Gaston gives a sense of the ongoing and often contentious dialogue artists must deal with regarding their inner critics.

The Artist as Critic: Elizabeth Indianos, Mark Kerstetter and Gigi Lage

Kurt Piazza and Denis Gaston each selected artists/writers to exhibit alongside them.  SPC art professor/playwright Elizabeth Indianos and artist/blogger Mark Kerstetter were chosen by Gaston, and installation artist Gigi Lage is Piazza’s choice.



March 9 – April 28, 2013

 Pinellas County Center for the Arts: Three Decades 1984-2013

In August 1984, the Pinellas County school district opened the Pinellas County Center for the Arts at Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg.  A magnet program for artistically talented students, PCCA has fostered the talents of countless students who have bone on to do big things in the areas of dance, theater and the visual arts.  See familiar faces and discover new talent in this exhibition, which as 5 components:

The Faculty: work in all media from 12 past and present teachers-Steve Beverage, David Malcolm Bewley, Lauren Blackburn, Bede Clarke, Joyce Ely-Walker, Myron Hansen, Alan Johnson, Marty Loftus, Yoko Nogami, Ralph Nurmela, Dara Vance and Melissa Wykell

The Alumni: current work from the class of 1988 to the class of 2012

The Professor Emeritus: Laurance Miller-teacher, mentor and friend (942-2012)

The Archives: A selection of rarely-seen student work from the past 30 years

The Class of 2013: Senior Thesis Exhibitions

Uniquely Creative Me!: Word and Imamge Middle and High School Exhibitions

Our annual arts and literacy program for grades 6-12.



January 12 – February 24, 2012


Artists Kathy  King and Steven Young Lee selected ceramic pieces by artists hailing from all across the US.  See innovative sculptural and functional works in every style and price range.

 Florida Heat: Instructor Work

View ceramic work by artists affiliated with Florida Heat, St. Pete Clay, Highwater Clays and the Morean’s Annual 11-day long firing symposium.  Local clay lovers will share works in their collection by nationally-recognized artists Don Reitz, Chris Gustin, John Balistreri, Matt Long, Joy Tanner and William Baker.  Also included are new works by Kathy King and Steven Young Lee, our guest jurors.


Uniquely Creative Me!: Word and Image Elementary School Exhibition

The kick-off of our 16th annual arts and literacy program for Pinellas County students in grades 3-5.



November 10, 2012 – January 1, 2013

 BEAST: Portraits of Pets

Man’s best friend gets the star treatment by Kim Butler (Spotted Dog Photography), Laurie Meehan-Elmer (LME Images), Danette Morse (Photography by Danette), Lisa Presnail (South Tampa Photography), and Eric Wilson (Square Dog Photography).


Creature Comforts: 2012 Holiday Exhibition

Members of the Morean Arts Center were invited to create animal-themed items for this retail-oriented exhibition.  Find something for everyone on your holiday shopping list–even the furry ones!



August 31 – October 28, 2012

 2012 Members Show

This annual show cements the Morean’s mission of connecting people with art by showcasing our members’ talent and giving the public the opportunity to purchase locally-produced art.  This 2012 members exhibition includes nearly 200 works of art expressing a full spectrum of images and ideas through all mediums from our gifted members.

 Marjorie Dean Andruk: Metamorphosis

Marjorie Dean Andruk (1922 – 2010) was a gifted artist and extraordinary teacher.  With an impeccable eye for color and a gift for communicating emotion, she created paintings that inspire and intrigue.  For nearly fifteen years, Marge had been vital member of the Morean family, and her students continue to see her influence on their own paintings.  This exhibition highlights Marge’s abstract paintings from the last decade.

Let’s Create! Annual Summer Camp Exhibition

Come see what our campers, ages 5 – 15, have created this summer, and participate in our silent auction!  All proceeds benefit the Morean’s educational programs.



June 9 – August 19, 2012

 Leave A Message: Urban Art in Florida

Urban art has a long and rich history in the United States, and Florida is home to many artists who look past permission and conventional art techniques in order to make their talents known.  Leave A Message presents a selection of those artists whose work blurs the line between the street and the gallery, and whose practice has evolved the genres of graffiti art, illustration and graphic design, making their message impossible to ignore.



Participating Artists: Anna Paul, Acud-Akut, Allen Leper Hampton, Bask, Center, Chris Valle, Christian Thomas, Ciste, Dave Rau, Dolla, Jansen Smith, Jeff Srcic, Joey Clay, Laura Spencer, Nonstop, Pale Horse, Terribly Odd, Tes One, Stephen Palladino, Wes Roos




March 16 – May 28, 2012

 WAX: Medium Meets Message

Hailing from divergent places such as Portland, OR, Santa Fe, NM, Maine and the New York City Area.  Each artist in this exhibition brings a unique and exciting perspective to this ancient medium of encaustic.  A wax based paint with luminous qualities.  Viewers will be astounded by floating installations, kinetic sculptures, photo-based paintings, seed-studded altars and geological sculptures.

Participating artists: Kim Bernard, Lorrie Fredette, Ann Taylor Gibson, Laura Moriarty, Leslie Neumann, Lisa Pressman, Marybeth Rothman, Russel Thurston, Elise Wagner






January 27 – March 16, 2012


Florida artists create work based on the subject of flowers in this invitational exhibition. Through painting, sculpture, installation and video work, artists convey the beauty and complexity of these forms. Members of our community will also be invited to add their own contribution to this exhibition, creating a “community garden.”








December 2, 2011 – January 20, 2012


Although it is trendy to recycle now, artists are always ahead of the curve. Many of them have been using recycled materials in their work for years, turning trash into treasure. Some do it for aesthetic purposes, some to make a political or environmental statement. This exhibition features the works of artists who will astound with their ability to turn everyday objects into something amazing. Artists include Nancy Cervenka, Lauri Recanati, Charles Parkhill, Jack Bond and Catherine Bergmann.







October 8 – November 27, 2011

  Shadow and Reflection: Visions of Florida’s Sacred Landscapes

This installation by photographic artist Suzanne Williamson and writer John Capouya re-envisions the past with words and images inspired by their exploration of Florida’s Native American mound sites.  Using an array of materials and photo-reproduction processes, they create an environment that illuminates the multiple meanings of these monuments, built by our first peoples.





September 2 – 25, 2011

The Price is Right: 2011 Members Exhibition

Annual non-juried members’ exhibition held in conjunction with a month-long series of events celebrating member-artists, including workshops, critiques, and works for sale. These activities highlight several prominent components of the Morean Arts Center’s mission—to connect people with art. This year, artists are challenged to create works of art that have a retail value of $500 or less.





July 22 – August 21, 2011

Neil Matthiessen: Recontextualizing Aesthetics

USF Graphics Professor Neil Matthiessen combines technology and traditional art-making methods to create a sense of motion in her work, resulting in a feeling of movement in the viewer.








June 17 – July 17, 2011

Dolores Coe: Mirage

In her current paintings and mixed media works Dolores constructs imagined spaces inhabited by iconic and culturally familiar elements, particularly the carnival and the Las Vegas Strip.  The artist utilizes color to create a sense of motion in her work, resulting in a feeling of movement in the viewer.









January 7 – May 28, 2011

My Ticket to Tomorrow: Word and Image Exhibitions

Work by Pinellas County school students is displayed in our 14th season of word and Image Exhibitions.  Students are challenged to imagine what life will be like in the future, including the environment, cities, houses and cars, books, magazines and TV. The theme is portrayed using visual art combined with the written word.



March 25 – May 27, 2011

Elastic Authenticity (NCECA)

The artists in this exhibition utilize the versatility of clay to explore concerns related to technology and its effect on the human condition.  Participating artists include: Darien Johnson, Susan Beiner, Katie Caron, Bryan Czibesz, Del Harrow, Case McDonough, Megumi Naitoh, Matthew McConnell, Dylan Beck and Gail Heidel.  This exhibition will run concurrently with the NCECA conference, held in the Tampa Bay area during the first week of April.




Cristina Cordova: Bestiario

Central to Cristina Cordova’s work is an intense attention to form.  She melds ancient with modern and human with animal to create hybrid, other-worldly figures.  One is taken aback by the intricacy, power and bizarre, yet entrancing qualities of each creature.









January 14 – March 13, 2011

Paradise Lost/Paradise Found

The Morean Arts Center calls attention to the “state” of Florida in two provocative exhibitions.  For Paradise Lost/Paradise Found, contemporary artists wax nostalgic for the Sunshine State, either presenting their version of how things used to be, or satirizing the way things appear today.  Neon motel signs, alligators on the loose, mermaids, baseball, and road kill are just a few of the subjects addressed in the gallery space, where visitors experience a whole new appreciation for their environment.  Artists include Mark Messersmith, John Gurbacs, Karen Tucker Kuykendall, Randy Van Duinen and Raina Benoit.




Disappearing Florida

Relating to Paradise Lost/Paradise Found is Disappearing Florida, a serious look at the changing landscape of our state.  Providing a call-to-action rather than just a passive gallery visit, this exhibition features the work of contemporary photographers who capture the beauty of Florida, while using their websites as a platform to discuss the fragility of that same beauty.  Quotes from these blogs are prominent feature alongside the prints on the gallery walls, encouraging our visitors to get involved and be conscious of the fleeting quality of our natural surroundings.  Artists include Carlton Ward Jr., Richard O. Jacobs, Kevin Boldenow and Laurie Excell.







December 3 – 31, 2010

Painting a Day/Poem a Day

A relationship between visual art and the written word came to life in this thought-provoking exhibition.  Albert Alfonso, architect of the acclaimed Chihuly Collection, revealed another side of his artistic persona via small-scale abstract watercolors.  Accompanying these were works by poet Ed Mayes.  The poetry and paintings played off of each other in the gallery space, forgoing a true inter-disciplinary collaboration.







October 8 – December 31, 2010

Transformative Influences: Theo Wujcik and Wanxin Zhang

Independent curator and gallerist Mindy Solomon curated an exhibition that addressed the commonality in humankind’s recorded history, a tale that is constantly being reinterpreted as artists search for meaning in a continually shifting media-laden world.  Here, two distinct artists find their art expresses a similar story, one that confronts the commercialism of western culture and its impact on the contemporary Chinese society.

Theo Wujcik retired from his position as Professor of Art at USF in 2003 after more than thirty years of teaching.  His work has been exhibited at galleries and museums across the country, and can be found in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, NYC; the Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC; the Brooklyn Museum, NY; the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and many others.

In 1992, Wanxin Zhang moved to the US from his native China.  He holds an MFA in Sculpture from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he has been a professor since 1996.  He is the recipient of numerous awards and honors including a 2006 Virginia A. Groot Foundation Grant, a 2005 NEA Grant, and a 2004 Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant


October 8 – November 28, 2010

Dominique Labauvie

Internationally recognized artist Dominique Labauvie brought his steel sculpture and never-before-seen drawings to our galleries during this time.  Originally from France and currently residing in Tampa, Labauvie’s work was on display across the Bay Area including simultaneous exhibitions at the Tampa Museum of Art and Blue Acier Inc. in Tampa.  About his sculpture, Labauvie states: “The steel is unfurled by means of my calligraphic practice.  The intimate, corporeal gestures are then consolidated within a choreographic space.  The combination of these events generates the unique approach to space in my work.  The sculpture is the suspended moment of this sudden action, which we perceive as an illuminated memory, revealed and identified.”






September 3 – 26, 2010

The Way Forward: Roads Less Traveled: 2010 Members Exhibition

Annual non-juried members’ exhibition held in conjunction with a month-long series of events celebrating member-artists, including workshops, critiques and works for sale.  These activities highlighted several prominent components of the Morean Arts Center’s mission–to inspire, educate and engage a diverse population in the creation of contemporary visual art by providing a dynamic, professional environment to foster the creative process, allowing artists and the community to meet and exchange ideas.  This year’s members show theme encouraged artists to try something new, to submit a work of art using unorthodox or unusual materials and media, or create a piece that reflected a remote place, unusual combinations, or an innovative idea.




Margaret Steward: Crossing

Margaret Steward holds a special place in the hearts of those of us at the Morean.  It was here that she experienced her first artist-in-residency in the early-1990’s, leading to many more exhibitions and creative endeavors.  She was a consummate artist, excelling in everything she experimented with, including sculpture, painting, photography and her personal favorite, printmaking.  Her artistic vision and commitment to her craft led to many local accolades, including the prestigious Best of Show Award at Mainsail Arts Festival.  The breadth of her endeavors, including never-before-seen collographs from her 2009 residency at the prestigious Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado were on view in this exhibition.  Proceeds from the sale of her work funded the Margaret Murphy Steward Memorial Award, to be given our during our Members Show.







Jun 11 – August 14, 2010

Ricky Bernstein: Kitchen Dreams

What Ricky Bernstein does best is tell visual stories.  Vibrantly colorful and emotionally engaging, his work is often described as energetic representational painting.  His oversize cartoon graphics pull us into domestic dramas that humanely poke fun at our past and present lives.  Using a variety of materials, Ricky composes narrative, collage-style wall reliefs with a distinct pop-art flavor.  In a delightful way, common stories take on larger than life proportion–a compelling slice of Americana in still life sit-com.  Though flavored with humor, Ricky’s approach to social commentary is no less significant in scope an content.


Ricky’s painted glass installations are widely collected throughout the US and Europe, including the Corning Museum of Glass, NY; the Museum of Design, NYC; the Renwick Gallery, Washington DC; the DeYoung Museum of Art, San Francisco, CA; the Detroit Institute of Art, MI; and the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, FL.


This Woman’s Work

This Woman’s Work is an exhibition that examined and challenged the stereotype of the multi-faceted role of a woman in her home.  From female hunters to overwhelmed housewives, and with both reverence and humor, the artists in this exhbition paid homage to the female in her domestic setting.  Works by glass engraver Lisbeth Sterling, mixed media artist Candice Smith Corby, painter Amy Hill and photographer Margaret LeJeune were included.








March 25 – May 29, 2010

The Sly, Wry Paintings of Mernet Larsen

Mernet Larsen’s large-scale, iconic paintings of angular figures in tiling spaces are instantly recognizable among art students in the Tampa Bay area.  Her paintings are at once an affectionate parody and a critique of Renaissance narrative paintings, reflecting a longing for something lost and a desire for a sense of space and narrative structure more in accord with contemporary concepts of reality.  She depicts events by rendering objects and figures as geometric solids, their structures and proportions reinvented.

Mernet Larsen is Professor Emeritus of Painting at University of South Florida, where she taught for 35 years, receiving the university’s highest distinctions for teaching.  She has also taught at Yale, Montana State, and the University of Oklahoma, in summer programs in Paris, Rome and Yale/Norfolk, and has been a visiting artist at Rhode Island School of Design, Antioch College, New York Studio School, and Nanjing (China) School of Art.


Beauty for Ashes: The Portrait Reconsidered

What is beauty? is a question that has intrigued us for thousands of years.  The artists in this exhibition approached the genre of the human likeness in an unforgettable way, encouraging the viewer to rethink what the ideal can e.  Featured artists include New York City photographer Mare Vaccaro, Sabrina Small and Brian Haverlock, mixed media artists from Sarasota, and Tampa painter and installation artist Lauren Alyssa Howard.








January 15 – March 13, 2010

Babs Reingold: Hung Out in the Projects

Babs Reingold invoked her childhood in the projects on the East Side of Cleveland using the gallery environment.  Reingold’s experience as a young Jewish girl in a tough, unsafe world came to life within the gallery walls with her signature constructions of human hair, organza, silk, and clothesline.  The installation was viewed from scaffolding, representing a social vantage point of security.  A sound component by artist Lin Culbertson completed the experience.  A master draftsman, many of Reingold’s preparatory sketches of the installation were also on display





The Sweet Escape

Who are you when no one else is around?  Teenagers and young children in private spaces was the subject of this photography exhibition, which tied in with our Word and Image theme “On My Block.”  Andrea Land captures affluent young girls in their non-descript, light-filled bedrooms.  Kay Denton uses vintage techniques to finish her portraits of children in the woods that look like they were taken years ago.  Juanita Hong juxtaposes photos of teens in their rooms along with written essays by her subjects of how their rooms define them.  Melanie McWhorter photographs her young subjects, capturing toddlers and young children in rare moments of quiet.  Debbie Miracolo documents the fleeting quality of youth in her sitters, photographing them in their homes and their neighborhoods.






January 15 – February 27, 2010

Glen Perotte: OPEN

OPEN transcended traditional perceptions of the portrait genre through the application of new media technology.  This exhibit created an open dialogue between artist, subject, and viewer about the relationships between imagery, personal conflict, and reconciliation.  These large-scale color portraits demanded that the viewer give it undivided attention.

Perotte continued his exploration of portraiture as he challenged the viewer to look past the creator’s interpretation by presenting the works as hyper-real entities.  OPEN achieved two things simultaneously: formed bonds between the subject and viewer by incorporating new dimensions to the conventional portrait genre, and encouraged a deeper understanding of the personal conflict and reconciliation of the subject by virtue of the scale and extreme detail of each photograph; possible only with current new media technology.





October 9 – December 31, 2009

Visual Unity: A Collaboration

Continuing the theme of highlighting work from our local artists, Curator Rocky Bridges brought together 18 artists from the central Florida region to create 36 new pieces of art to share with our community.  Each artists worked with one other artists from the group of forge new territory in their bodies of work.  A true celebration of artistic unity, this exhibition showcased the work of regional talent, and also stretched the participating artists as they worked with artists who created in methods and themes completely opposite of their own.  Artists included Rebecca Sexton-Larson, Catherine Bergmann, Tony Eitharong, Richard Currier, Rocky Bridges, Duncan McClellan, Arnolkis Turro, Kim Michelle Coakley, Margaret Steward, Sucia Taxdal, Tony Savoie, Susan Livingston, Clayton Swartz, Bruce Gilbert, Leslie Neumann, Susan Gott, Anna Tomczak and Lynn Whipple.



Allison Massari: Pyrotechnic Luminescence

Beloved artist Allison Massari returned to her home community to exhibit her newest paper collages.  Massari’s powerful, intimate and boldly imagined artwork beckons the viewer – sometimes playfully, sometimes intensely – always with a poignancy that deeply touches the heart.  The vulnerability and honesty expressed in her self portraits, the energy and life that flow through her collages, and the unflinching strength and intelligence that can be found in all of her work, show Massari’s commitment to exposing herself in order to find the common thread that connects us as humans.  Massari holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from Parsons.