Polly Knipp Hill

American printmaker Polly Knipp Hill began working as an artist in the 1920s and garnered increased recognition in the decades that followed. She was a talented and technically skilled printmaker whose work was often overshadowed by that of her husband, the artist George Snow Hill. The Art Club hosted a two man exhibition of Polly’s and George’s work in 1954. “Polly Knipp Hill’s Pine and Palm, an etching, reminds me of the Florida I knew as a unique landscape. This etching fulfills my criteria for collecting Florida artists that have captured the essence and wilderness of my home state.”

-Louise Weaver, collector


Polly Knipp Hill (1900 – 1990)                                                       Palms & Pines          1930s                                                               Etching                                                                                           Exhibiting Artist

Collection of Louise B. Weaver