One Day at the Morean

Morean Arts Center - nightHelp us make One Day – and every day possible at the Morean Arts Center

As a community-based visual arts organization that has been part of the St. Petersburg cultural landscape since 1917, the Morean Arts Center, Glass Studio and Hot Shop, Morean Center for Clay and Chihuly Collection connect people with art through daily programming, offered 363 days each year.

We provide studio art classes in all media for all ages and abilities; art-making demonstrations in ceramics and glassblowing; K-12 and youth art education programs; and contemporary art exhibitions with influential and local artists. Annually, we welcomed more than 130,000 visitors to one or more of our 4 locations in St. Petersburg, Florida.

As a result, on any given day:

  • ● Someone will experience that incredible breakthrough creative moment
  • ● A school tour will take place with a hands-on activity
  • ● Someone will say “Wow, I did that?”
  • ● A child will feel what it is to be recognized for being creative
  • ● Someone will realize potential they never knew they had
  • ● An instructor will say to a student “You’ve got it!”
  • ● A clay demonstration will be given on how to throw on the wheel
  • ● An artist will learn something new about the business of art

One Day at the Morean 

January 24 Donald C. Shulman*

February 1 Amanda Cooper

February 12 Flora Keeton Davis*

March 26 Joan Stonecipher

April 15 Jeff McClanathan

April 20 Beth Morean

May 14 Ida Y. Mandell*

May 20 Fran Risser

May 26 Sonya* and Irwin* Miller

May 29 Katee Tully and Helen Levine

June 21 Judy Weitekamp

August 13 Richard O. Jacobs

October 31 Audrey Morean Petersen

November 14 Virginia Bettinghaus*

December 13 Barbara Sansone

December 17 Dar Webb and Clint Page



One Day


One Day at the Morean

One Day at the Morean Arts Center$10,000 – Your one-time donation will help to cover the costs of a day’s operations at all four of the Morean’s venues and the day you choose will be yours forever.

One Day at the Morean Center for Clay – $2,500 – Your annual donation of $2,500 will enable us to continue to a destination for those interested in making clay art and a haven for any pottery enthusiast.  The Morean Center for Clay, located in the Warehouse District of St. Petersburg, has become one of the largest working potteries in the Southeast United States with an over-reaching goal of promoting and enhancing the education of contemporary and historic ceramics.

One Day in Exhibitions – $2,500 – Your annual donation will help us underwrite the cost of exhibitions and associated educational programming at the Morean’s Galleries and the Morean Center for Clay.

One Day in Education – $1,000 – Your annual support will help make it possible for someone to develop her or his artistic talents, learn new techniques and perfect others.

One Day of Photography – $500 – A $500 annual gift will help students of any age who wishes to become more creative with his or her camera. Students will learn creative techniques to create dynamic, vibrant photographs.

One Day at the Morean Glass Studio & Hot Shop – $1,000 – A visit to the Morean Glass Studio & Hot Shop is an adventure into art and an opportunity to get behind the scenes and observe resident glass artists creating unique works of art. Working artists create magnificent glass pieces while providing a running commentary on the steps they are following, the science behind the glass, and the artistic vision guiding the process, giving guests a new appreciation for this art form that is centuries old.

We also offer various other giving and marketing opportunities.

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