5 Ways Instructor Brenda Gregory Makes a Difference

02 Mar 2016, Posted by Morean Administrator in Classes

brenda gregory headshotBrenda Gregory teaches Metal-smithing and Jewelry classes to youth, teens and adults here at the Morean Arts Center.

Brenda is a Florida artist living in Tampa and received her BFA in Medical Illustration and Associate of Applied Science in Fine Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1984. She began her diverse art career as a medical and scientific illustrator and then as a graphic designer. Brenda’s ability to communicate the precision of detail necessary for medical illustration, coupled with the creativity required for graphic design is reflected in her metalsmithing and jewelry design. She believes that sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for the arts with children and adults is a large part of her life’s passion.

Brenda’s passion for teaching is clearly evident in these five ways…


INSPIRING   Maybe your love of music was inspired by your first grade teacher playing the Beatles, Hey Jude. Or perhaps you became an engineer because of that cool experiment in your fifth grade science class. Through instruction, Brenda provides that initial inspiration that can potentially become a lifelong passion.


ENCOURAGING   Brenda is patient and encouraging with her students. When they say “I can’t,” she is always there to say “Yes you can,” taking them by the hand and leading them through even the most difficult lessons.


MOTIVATING   Even for the best of students, there’s always a teacher there to remind us to try harder. Brenda teaches her students to put 100% into everything they do by emphasizing that success in class can translate to success in life.


REALIZING STUDENT POTENTIAL   Succeeding in school comes easy for some, but research shows that it takes a teacher to help realize that potential. Brenda offers effective instruction that helps nurture her students through positive reinforcement.


ROLE MODELING   When asking someone who their role models are, the answers vary. Inevitably kids are likely to say a movie star or famous athlete. But it’s really teachers like Brenda that influence them by modeling positive behavior, good choices and a caring approach to life.


Brenda’s courses are offered throughout the year at the Morean Arts Center. Learn more


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