Summer and Your Digital Camera

26 May 2016, Posted by Morean Administrator in Community, News

Summer and Your Digital CameraSo as the humidity and temperature start to creep up this summer it is time to think about how to keep our cameras safe from heat and condensation.

It is not that extreme heat or extreme cold are necessarily bad for the camera – it is the drastic change we put our gear through. We take our cameras from cool air-conditioned home to hot cars and then to the beach in the heat and humidity and then back into air conditioning. It is enough to make your camera schizophrenic.

It is best to keep your camera from the extreme shifts or at least make the shift slowly and let the camera and lens acclimate so condensation does not build up.

Condensation can cause short-circuiting, fogged photos and possible fungus growth.

Your camera bag can insulate your gear and help protect it from the dry AC inside and the damp, sticky afternoons we all love.

Do not leave your camera anywhere the direct summer sun can radiate it. Even if your camera has weather sealing – that will not stop condensation. If your camera suffers from repeated condensation that corrodes the interior – that may void your warranty as it is considered operator error.

Keep and clean micro fiber cloth with you and wipe down gear and keep it covered when not in use. Some photographers will toss a few silica gel packs into their camera bag to keep the moisture down.

Always remove batteries in gear not being used all the time. Corrosion kills!

A little planning and extra time to let gear acclimate to changing temperatures will protect you from expensive repairs.

Have a safe and photogenic summer!

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