Urban Art-Centered Exhibitions Opening at the Morean Arts Center

25 Aug 2016, Posted by Sarah Aldrich in Press Releases


August 10, 2016


Urban Art-Centered Exhibitions Opening at the Morean Arts Center

St. Petersburg, Fla. – The Morean Arts Center’s exhibits Paradise Cities: Urban Art in Florida and Dave Williams: I Wish you Could Hear what I’m Thinking opens free to the public on Saturday, September 10 from 5pm-9pm.

Unique to the Paradise Cities: Urban Art in Florida exhibit is the inclusion of only 10 female artiParadiseCities-Postcard-Front-Web-1sts in a primarily male-dominated facet of art. The artists, from various locations throughout Florida, fuse street art aesthetic into their studio practice to create original works of art displayed in a large gallery setting.

Participants in Paradise Cities: Urban Art in Florida include Hilary White and Iryna Kanischeva of Gainesville, Joelle Dietrick of Tallahassee, Angela Delaplane of Tampa, and Jennifer Kosharek, Cecilia Lueza, Jeannette St. Amour, Suzy Schultz, Naomi Glueck and Sarah Sheppard of St. Pete.

Once an overlooked form of artistic expression, urban or street art is now an integral part of the St. Petersburg art scene and can be seen throughout the downtown area without an admissions ticket to a museum. It attracts a myriad of people throughout the community who are able to witness the creative process almost in its entirety.

“The Morean Arts Center strives to reflect what’s happening in the community,” said Amanda Cooper, Curator of Exhibitions for the Morean Arts Center. “Urban art is quickly becoming what St. Pete is known for, and it’s brought even more attention to St. Pete as an arts city.”

The SHINE Mural Festival in 2015, which hosted a number of local, national and international artists giving them the opportunity to take blank landscapes in the form of buildings to create dynamic, towering murals, is credited as the catapult for permanently recognizing urban art as an integral part of the city’s art scene.

Paradise Cities: Urban Art in Florida coincides with the 2nd annual SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival in which two of the Paradise City artists, Cecilia Lueza and Angela Delaplane, are also participating.

Dave Williams featured in the second exhibit, Dave Williams: I Wish you Could Hear what I’m Thinking, is a local artist known for his mixed media paintings, taking images from magazines, advertisements and other pieces of pop culture to create pieces resembling components of urban art.

The exhibit is composed of work from a series he completed in the last 15 years and demonstrates his influence on local street artists working in and around the Bay area.

Both exhibits run from Saturday, September 10 through Sunday, October 30. The Morean Arts Center is open daily from 10am-5pm and Noon-5pm on Sunday. Opening night admission for both exhibits is FREE. For more information on these exhibitions and all Morean programs, please visit or call 727.822.7872 ext. 8.



The Morean Arts Center, with roots dating back to 1917 as the Art Club of St. Petersburg, focuses on an innovative, community-oriented approach to art and art education. The mission of the Morean Arts Center is to connect people with art and to contribute to the economic development of the region. Operating under the Morean Arts Center includes the Chihuly Collection, Glass Studio & Hot Shop and the Morean Center for Clay.


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