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09 Apr 2018, Posted by Sarah Aldrich in Classes, Community, News

Assisted Ready-Made Workshop with Steve Beverage

In partnership with The Dali Museum and in celebration of their current special exhibition, Dali/Duchamp (Feb 10 – May 27, 2018), the Morean Arts Center is hosting a workshop dedicated to exploring Marcel Duchamp’s idea of the “Ready-Made.” What does it mean to strip an everyday object of its utilitarian purpose and render it purely artistic instead? If Duchamp were working today, how might his Ready-Mades look? What mundane objects might catch his eye, and how might he disassemble and reconfigure said objects for the purposes of Art? In this hands-on workshop, you will create your own assisted Ready-Made.

Steve Beverage, local artist and art educator, will guide workshop registrants through this exercise in conceptual art. Participants will first attend a presentation by Steve, held at The Dali Museum, on the history of the Ready-Made (April 14). He will speak to the nature of the project ahead, and will make suggestions of materials to gather and use. Registrants will then disperse to collect objects (you are responsible for the acquisition of your own materials; basic tools and supplemental materials will be provided). Then, on one of two available date options (April 28 or May 12), registrants will enter the classroom to “remake” their collected objects, supervised and assisted by Mr. Beverage. Finally, everyone will reconvene with completed projects in-hand for a final critique session held at the Morean Arts Center (May 26).

Limited to 8 registrants per workshop date (16 total).

Cost: $30 Members / $40 NonMembers
$10 discount for Members of the Morean Arts Center & Members of The Dali Museum.
Morean Members: discount available online or over the phone.
Dali Members: discount available ONLY over the phone, please call 727-822-7872 ext 2121.
Registration includes 1 admission to the “Dali/Duchamp” exhibition at the Dali Museum–MUST attend on Saturday, April 14, prior to Steve’s introductory presentation at 4pm.


Creative Visual Games Workshop with Rebecca Skelton

1-Day Workshop
Saturday, April 7, 2018
Skill Level: All Levels

Art games stimulate the imagination and nurture creativity. The participants need only to possess the drawing skills of a child. Playing contacts the subconscious by allowing us to go outside of our ordinary selves, which enhances our creativity. Imagination and play is the core of creative art. Participants take home their work from class, but the true value of the workshop is the expanded sense of possibility garnered from the experience of exercising the imagination. Basic materials (pencils, copy paper, colored paper, crayons) will be furnished, but feel free to bring anything you would like. We will begin with a guided meditation to unblock creative energy to get us started.

Member $35
Non-Member $40
All supplies included.


Watercolor, Pastel and Colored Pencil Workshop with Joan Franzen

3-Day Workshop
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
April 11, 12 & 13
9:30am-3:30pm each day

Using photos or still life set-ups, students will learn about various techniques for all three mediums and the similarity of each one through demonstrations, lectures, individual instruction and critique. Emphasis will be on composition, value, technique and color.

Member $250
Non-member $275



Chandra Debuse and Tommy Frank Hands On Workshop

April 13th and 14th
10:00am – 5:00pm

Skill Level: All Levels

In this workshop Chandra Debuse and Tommy Frank will be demonstrating how they create their ceramic forms, their unique surface decoration as well as how their collaborative work called Effindeebee. Chandra and Tommy will start the mornings off with a demonstration. Students will then get the afternoon to work on the ideas that were brought up during the demonstration. Collaboration among the participants will also be highly encouraged.

Member: $225
Non-Member: $250


Catches and Findings (Jewelry Workshop) with Don Roberts

2-Day Workshop
Saturday & Sunday, April 14 & 15, 2018
10am-3pm each day
Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

There are some cases where a custom-made clasp is needed to properly finish a necklace, pendant or bracelet. During this workshop we will cover: toggle clasps, barrel clasps, spring plunger clasps, and box catches.

Member $115
Non-Member $130
$35 Materials Fee payable directly to instructor includes all materials.


Ronan Peterson Hands On Workshop

2-Day Workshop
Friday & Saturday, October 12 & 13, 2018
10am-5pm each day

Peeling the Onion…

…without all the tears!  This workshop will focus on creating dynamic, layered, and interesting ceramic surfaces for both functional and sculptural vessels. We will enhance and enliven our ceramic surfaces by building up slip and terra sigilatta to create a dynamic, layered background for glaze to interact with. Demonstrations will include slip application from wet clay all the way up to the bone dry state. We will look at brushing slip, hakame, paper resist, brush wipes, sgraffito, champlevé, slip trailing, terra sigallatas and other resist techniques to build layers of information and interest for further glazing which later augment our ceramic vessels. Glazing considerations will be discussed, but the bulk of the workshop will be spent discussing and exploring leather hard and bone dry applications. Participants should be open to experimentation and exploration of possibilities, and the workshop is best suited for individuals who can center and throw at least 2+ pounds of clay and/or comfortably handbuilt forms to experiment with.

Member $150
Non-Member $175

Make It Bigger! Fire It Brighter! with Don and Cristina Williams

October 19th and 20th
10:00am – 5:00pm
Skill Level: All Levels

Learn the magic of the work by Don and Cristina Williams. They will share their throwing, sculpting and decorating techniques in this two-day workshop. They will also discuss on topics of Raku firing and reduction.

Member: $225
Non-Member: $250

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