ArtOfficial Intelligence: St. Pete Robot Exchange

03 Sep 2019, Posted by Robin McGowan in Community, Events, In the Papers, News, Press Releases

Exhibit Reveals Our Fascination with Machines and Tech at the Morean Arts Center Sep. 6 to 27

St. Petersburg, FL (Sep. 6 thru 27, 2019) – The Morean Arts Center will host ArtOfficial Intelligence: the 8th Annual St. Pete Robot Exchange in the Stanley Gallery of the Morean Arts Center. An opening reception free to the public and part of St. Petersburg’s Second Saturday Art Walk is scheduled for Saturday, September 14, from 5 to 9 pm.

Nearly 40 of the 90 pieces submitted by local professional and emerging artists will be featured at the Morean. “We appreciate that the ArtOfficial Intelligence founders, local artists themselves embrace our mission of connecting the community to art. They accept every art piece submitted and all of the awards are selected through a people’s choice voting process,” explained Howayda Affan, Executive Director of the Morean Arts Center.

Other works will be exhibited at Bar 548 and the Emerald Bar in St. Pete. “We welcome everyone, said exhibit co-founder Aurailieus. “Everyone can be a part of it, we are about the inclusivity of the experience. It opens so many up to releasing their imaginations and memories of the toy robot they may have had growing up. We are always amazed at the quality of work and the thought that artists invest in this playful art show,” he added.

The concept grew out of conversations that Aurailieus who is known for his “Bob the Robot” character in his artwork had with ZuluPainter in one of the many artist galleries on the 600 Block in St. Petersburg. “Let’s do a show that is all about robots,” said ZuluPainter. They organized their first show and the popularity of the concept created a cult-like following. “This is very local,” he added.

While news headlines are filled with warnings about the potentially negative impact of technology on health or privacy of end-users, the robot themed show maintains a decidedly upbeat tone. Sarah Campagna of Cybercraft Robots has become the unofficial “Robot Queen” and maintains the title by showing up at the gallery wearing a sash and tiara. “I think artists are quick to embrace new things and think positively,” added Aurailieus. “The open format of the show allows artists to come in and surprise you,” said ZuluPainter.

The local-centric event prides itself on being homegrown and as unique as the City of St. Pete. Trophies are one-of-a-kind creations sculpted by Jason Bromley. This year the public is invited to join the artists in a parade from the Morean Arts Center to the Bar 548 and Emerald Bar exhibit spaces. As part of the Second Saturday activities on September 14, the parade is scheduled to begin to form at The Morean Arts Center around 8:30 pm. People are invited to dress like robots and join in the whimsy and fun of the evening. “Costumes are highly encouraged and participants may expect to trade their robot creations with others, explained zulupainter. The exhibits at the Emerald Bar all feature a “Put a Bob on It” artist collaboration featuring Aurailieus’ iconic yellow boxy and adventurous robot. “The gathering at Bar 548 is sort of the b-side to the Robot Show,” explained Aurialieus. “It is the adult dance party and end of the night awards celebration. The most important thing is for everyone to have fun.” For Robot Parade and event details:

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