Mural artist Jujmo has first solo exhibit at Morean Arts Center

07 Oct 2019, Posted by Robin McGowan in Events, News, Press Releases
Jujmo murals and head shot

St. Petersburg, FL – (October 12, 2019) Muralist and illustrator Jujmo enjoys the challenge of creating environments where imaginary creatures collide with reality and is preparing to do her first solo gallery exhibit at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg. Her work is heavily influenced by outer space, folklore, manga, movies, and food. She has participated in events like Secret Walls, Shine Mural Festival, CARMADA, and worked with clients such as Target. The opening is being held on Saturday, October 12 from 5 to 9 pm.

Jujmo will join mural icon BASK who is doing a 20-year respective and St. Petersburg ceramic street artist Kodi Thompson as the Morean Arts Center prepares for the SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival from October 18 to 26.

Her exhibit titled ROYGBIV, an initialism for the sequence of hues commonly accepted as comprising the colors of the rainbow, promises to be a colorful and fantasy imbued delight. “By using all the colors at their lightest shade, I play with color combinations that imitate an ephemeral atmosphere mixed with different worlds and environments coexisting together,” said Jujmo.  The exhibit will feature a mural being painted on the wall of the Morean and detachable canvases.

Jujmo was born Cheryl Weber in Naples, Italy and earned her BFA fro University of South Florida and an AA from Hillsborough Community College. She lives with her fiance and dogs in Tampa.


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