2020 Members Show

Exhibition Statement

20 x 20: 2020 Members Show

The talented members of the Morean Arts Center were invited to create a 20 x 20 art piece - inspired by their experiences in this year 2020. The Annual Members Show is an exciting and favorite time of year. It is an opportunity for us to connect creatively around a theme. It is a summer event - designed for local creators and local audiences. It is essential to defining our community and the life experiences of our members at a point in time.

The Annual Members Show should be fun for the creators, a chance to unleash simmering concepts and inspiration to please themselves. Especially in this year of unprecedented challenges the constraints of the creative exercise were minimal. Create away - but keep it to proportions of 20 x 20.

We are delighted with the creations our members are sharing with us all. Enjoy!

Stay tuned as the complete collection of submitted artwork will be available soon!

2020 Award Winners Are:

Local Art Phenom Chad Mize was generous enough to assist with the adjudication of this year's Member Show. We thank Chad and all of the Morean Members and supporters who made this exhibition possible.

Margaret Murphy Steward Best of Show
Chris Duncan, Home Bound, watercolor

2020 Members Show 2nd Place
Susan Peoubet, River Amoebas, mixed media

2020 Members Show 3rd Place
Polly E. Perkins, Year of Fear, woodblock print assemblage

John Brown Memorial Award for Painting
Barry Goodman, Tell Your Doctor if you are Experiencing Any of These 2020 Symptoms, acrylic

John Eckert Memorial Award for Clay
Charles Dean, Driftless Deville, clay

Tim Salen Memorial Award for Work in Any Medium
Jessica McCormick, Deco Gone Mod, acrylic

Mark Pheiffer Memorial Award for Work in Metal or Sculpture
Karen Tullo, Cheap Plastic Crap, mixed media

Beth Reynolds Award for Photography
Terry Scopelliti, Once Possessed CCCC, photograph

Honorable Mentions:
Tom Gatzi, Can You See It?, acrylic fluid
Judith K. Patterson, Why Oh Why do I Feel this Tingling of Joy?, acrylic and wood

NOTE: The art created by local working artists for the Morean Members Show 2020 are available for Sale. Please contact the Morean Arts Center Curator amanda.cooper@moreanartscenter.org or ask anyone in guest services to assist you with your purchases.