Green green grass, exhibition featuring the boundary testing ceramic art of Danny Dobrow opens at Morean Center for Clay

16 Jul 2020, Posted by Robin McGowan in Events, News, Press Releases
Green, green grass by Danny Dobrow

The Morean Center for Clay is celebrating the two-year tenure of artist in residence Danny Dobrow with a front gallery solo exhibition titled Green green grass. The gallery is open during the Center’s summer hours of Thursday thru Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Dobrow started the work when he was still in art school and during his recent experiences with pandemic imposed isolation he turned to thoughts of greener pastures and memories of growing up in Minnesota. If you share memories of endless summers of youth and laying in untended fields lush with grass and the hum of insects, you will be tempted to try looking thru this exhibition from below the presentation table. Remember simpler times, when you could study the microcosm of a blade of grass and watch the clouds reinvent their shapes in the sky?  This body of work, realized in the midst of a pandemic, reminds us to perhaps carry forward a new focus on simple pleasures.

“There is definitely the energy of thinking about the future, our perceptions of what might be greener pastures,” said Dobrow. “But this is the end of a period of time when I have been able to explore and focus on ceramic art forms and take advantage of all this studio has to offer. So, there is an equal measure of growth and a message of life and nature and the health aspects of being in nature in this exhibition. I wanted to call attention to the simplicity of form, the infinite palette of greens, shapes, heights and the beauty of grass. It just is.”

Dobrow earned a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry at the University of Minnesota and studied Ceramics at Southern Illinois University. His study of the composition, structure and properties of matter inform his work. He has hosted several exhibitions during his artist in residency tenure and was the curator for the two galleries at the Morean Center for Clay in its 2019-2020 season.

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