Spoons Exhibition at Morean Center for Clay

02 Apr 2021, Posted by Robin McGowan in ART Matters, Classes, Events, News

This exhibition explores the small world of hand-made ceramic spoons. The exhibition opens on April 10th and runs through May 31st in the Center Gallery at the Morean Center for Clay.

Spoons are part of many peoples’ everyday lives, but what happens when a spoon is no longer just a thin piece of shiny silver sitting in a kitchen drawer? What happens to the form or shape of a spoon when it has a specific function, like plucking olives from a jar? What if a spoon was designed to not function at all? What would a spoon look like if its only purpose were to scoop coffee? This exhibition explores these ideas, and shows viewers that there is much more behind this simple, elegant, and functional object.

Learn more about SPOONS here

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