Plans for Saturday? How about seeing dozens of Landmark(s) in a cool and casual amble thru Morean galleries!

27 Aug 2021, Posted by Robin McGowan in ART Matters, Events, News

[Artist credit for image above: Vanda Hughes]

Landmark the visually lush exhibition at the Morean Arts Center galleries downtown reflect the energy and spirit of St. Petersburg. Local artists have rendered both romantic homages to historic or neglected buildings and created moments ethereal and future-focused of a charming City not fully matured. Drawing from nature they have heralded the infinite comfort of roots reaching deep and branches providing shelter in a banyan tree we all think is on our street perhaps. Puzzled at times, the visitor is challenged to make the leap from an artist’s favorite subject to the Landmark theme, only to discover that if one ponders it a bit, the connections are in fact what we bring to inanimate object, doorway, shadow, or ambiguous form. Tribal hands adorn a clay vessel weaving ancient to alien. Landmark is closing soon – September 11. The galleries of the Morean Arts Center are free and open to the public from 10 am to 5 pm, Mondays thru Saturdays. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the familiar you grew up with, the places you drive past, and the spaces you treasure in a whole new light!

Presented by Goodrich Wealth Management|Raymond James the Landmark exhibition may also be experienced thru our online gallery

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