“Plant Feelings” sprouts thru September at Morean Center for Clay

02 Sep 2021, Posted by Robin McGowan in ART Matters, Community, News

Extended thru September the thoughtful and elegant “Plant Feelings” exhibition at the Morean Center for Clay is the perfect antidote for rainy day blues. The artist explains, “The Plantscapes were inspired by weathered buildings and the way in which vegetation fills the cracks, blurring the lines between decay and regrowth.”

This breathtaking exhibition tests the definition and boundaries of functional clay art. Plants and their root systems are showcased in open grids tethered to walls.  Experience precise attention to details – the artist even created the light fixtures showcasing the clay encased plants!

Explore the online gallery or better yet, splash thru a few puddles on your way to stop and smell the hopeful scent of regrowth!

The Karina Mago exhibition is free and open to the public at the Morean Center for Clay; Wednesday thru Saturday 10 am to 5 pm.

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