METALLIC on view now at the Chihuly Collection

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NEW Temporary Exhibition at the Chihuly Collection
METALLIC: Featuring St. Petersburg Artists Working in Metal


St. Petersburg, Fla. – The Chihuly Collection presented by the Morean Arts Center has opened the next featured temporary exhibition, METALLIC. The show is on view through January 16, 2022 and included with general admission to the Chihuly Collection.

The temporary exhibition space has been home to many glass artists, featuring a variety of forms and features of working in glass, a perfect juxtaposition to Dale Chihuly’s work. In METALLIC, Curator of Exhibitions at the Morean Arts Center, Amanda Cooper, showcases what many viewers of Chihuly’s installations do NOT know; most of the large works on display in the Chihuly Collection are supported and held together by fascinating hidden networks of steel. The rest is history, metal artwork, equally as lustrous as glass, but a little more edgy, has moved into the Chihuly Collection, giving a spotlight to this unique medium.

“The connection between metal work and glass can’t be understated; steel and other kinds of metal are often used as armatures, stands, and accents for glass sculpture. Both mediums usually require heat and a great deal of physicality to manipulate”, stated Cooper. “In METALLIC, metal work is not just a supporting role, but the main event”, Cooper continued.


Eric Folsom, one of the featured artists sees great similarities between working with metal and other mediums, including glass. “I often feel that the torch is a drawing tool and the way I use it in my bronze and copper sculpture is akin to drawing. There’s no erasing, because at 7000 degrees, the joints must be connected quickly or the metal will turn into a puddle”, Folsom stated.


All artists featured in METALLIC have deep ties to the St. Petersburg arts community including Salvador T. St. Germain who was an integral part of the expansion of the Morean Glass Studio, constructing many of the intricate pieces of equipment used daily by glass artists. In addition, St. Germain was commissioned to create a gorgeous piece that resides in the Chihuly Collection Native Garden. Curved Gambion Wall features 400 pieces of steel rod beautifully woven together to house what was originally featured at the Beach Drive Location of the Chihuly Collection titled Azul Alfonso Cullet Wall. The cullet has been reconfigured and displayed within St. Germain’s original work of art in the Garden, a beautiful backdrop to private events held in the space.


Many will recognize First Flight on the St. Pete Pier, created by Mark Aeling with technical design by Alex Kaufman of MGA Sculpture Studio, also featured in the exhibition. This masterpiece started with intricate planning and creative digital design tools, both of which can be used with a variety of artistic mediums. The Morean Arts Center is excited to expand its digital class offerings with an Intro to Creative Design, taught by none other than Alex Kaufman.


The artists featured in METALLIC include Mark Aeling + Alex Kaufman/MGA Sculpture Studio, Eric Folsom, Donald Gialanella, Dominice Gilbert and Salvador T. St. Germain. All living and working in St. Petersburg, these artists demonstrate the versatility of the medium from concept to planning to executing beautiful works, small to large scale.


Chihuly Collection is located at 720 Central Avenue in Downtown, St. Petersburg FL.

Open Monday-Saturday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sundays: 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.


To book Intro to Creative Design with Alex Kaufman, or Metal Sculpture (ages 16+) with Sal St. Germain, please visit



Dale Chihuly’s passion and support of children’s art education was a prime reason for choosing St. Petersburg as the home for the Chihuly Collection. All net proceeds stay local to St. Petersburg to help support and sustain the educational programs at the Morean Arts Center.


The Morean Arts Center, with roots dating back to 1917 as the Art Club of St. Petersburg, focuses on an innovative, community-oriented approach to art and art education.


Admission to the Chihuly Collection includes access to live glassblowing demonstrations by local artists at the Morean Glass Studio and non-ticketed exhibitions at the Morean Arts Center and Morean Center for Clay.




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