Studio Membership

A Private Studio will give you focus and solitude you need to create while still feeling like you are a part of the community. A private studio may also be shared with a friend if you have someone else who may be interested as well.  prices vary, please call for details 727-821-7162

  • 10' x 10' to 10' x 20" private closable studio space
  • an electric wheel or work table
  • one 2'x4'x7' shelving unit and a display unit to sell your finished work.

Private Studio Rentals also enjoy the same benefits as the Community Studio Rentals, which include:  

  • 24 hour studio access
  • shared electric wheels and worktables
  • discounts on workshops 
  • a 2'x4'x7' shelving unit for in progress work
  • a display unit to sell finished work
  • discounts on electric, gas, salt, soda and wood firings.

Community Rentals are $200 per month