Glass Studio Rental

Hot Shop Studio Rental

Rental Rates for the Morean Arts Center Hot Shop

The Hot Shop at the Morean Arts Center is a modern, clean and safe environment to create your own glass art at your own pace and is available for rent.

The Hot Shop is available daily for rental by 3-hour sessions, from 8:30 – 11:30am. Rental sessions must be booked and paid for in advance.

Please direct studio rental inquiries to:
Andy Schlauch
Executive Director, Chihuly Collection
(727) 896-4527 ext 2438

Jim Moore tools

We throw in our professional-grade Jim Moore tools, pipes/punties, bench torch and 25 pounds of glass with every rental session!

Glassblowing rates

Small Glory Hole – 10”w x 20”d – $120 per 3 hour session
Large Glory Hole – 20”w x 36”d – $160 per 3 hour session

Annealer rates

Top-loading annealer – 34”w x 22”d x 16”h – $40 per day 
Top-loading annealer – 42”w x 24”d x 13”h – $40 per day
Front-loading annealer – 38”w x 24”d x 18”h – $40 per day

Annealers will be booked by the day only and run on a 12-hour cycle. Work will be removed from the Hot Shop annealers by the beginning of the next day’s rental session. Renters work must be picked up and removed from the Hot Shop within 24 hours after annealing. If this is not possible, work will be stored no longer than 5 days, at which time work will become the property of the Morean Arts Center.

Cold Working Studio

Cold Working Studio - $15 per hour

Additional glass (over the 25lb allotment) – $4 per pound
Renters may bring their own C.O.E. 96 compatible color or may purchase color at $40 per pound.

Cancellation Policies and Fees

Cancellations made between 5 days and 48 hours prior to the booked time will be charged an administrative fee of $25. Any cancellations made within 48 hours of the rental time will be billed the full rental rate and no refund will be given. Studio users will have access to the Hot Shop’s tools and may purchase color or bring their own.