Morean Center for Clay Current Exhibitions

At the Morean Center for Clay “Grides” curated by Artist-in-Residence Danny Dobrow is a continuation of Dobrow’s exploration of boundary testing ceramicists. Jennifer Halli works with ceramics and printmaking, creating structures that explore place and material while excavating theme of travel and loss. For the exhibit at the Morean Center for Clay she explains, To reflect my manner and acknowledge my current locale, I have been making site-specific minimalist installations in and around New Bedford, MA. The objects made of clay, paper, ink, metal and fibre are abstract references to the grid – symmetrical and structured. Captivated by this universal construct of containment, boundaries, repetition and continuity, I create compositions utilizing primary elements in multiples.”

Rachel Yan Gu, who works from New York State approaches the “Grides” challenge from a nearly molecular perspective. She sees the surface of the world as composed of innumerable points. In her art she seeks to abstract these points for the sake of comprehension. “Like molecules, numbers, and pixels, they may also be an apple, a road, or a single person,” says Gu. “Under these points are numerous nets, which are independent but also link everything together. I hope to see the nets through the points to explore the core of the world underneath.”

Aaron Becker, the resident artist at Lill Street Art Center in Chicago, fits into “Grides” as he pursues a creative path that attempts to break all the rules while letting the spirit of functional pottery live on. “When look at my ceramic artworks I offer you a glimpse into my mental space,” he explains. “Pairing wheel thrown domestic pots with sculptural elements about idealized interiors, I try to distort scale and pull the viewer into the reality of an imagined space.” Aaron will be doing a spoken word performance at 7:00 pm. The live performance will be followed by a gallery talk facilitated by Danny Dobrow and Austin Coudriet.