Morean Center for Clay Past Exhibits

Mark Errol
The front gallery will feature a solo exhibition of Mark Errol, a contemporary Georgia studio potter who is co-owner of Plough Gallery and a Valdosta State University instructor. Errol’s work is lush with layers of colorful images and designs on shapes that distinguish his signature style. He is hosting a workshop on October 11, also at the Morean Center for Clay.

Don and Cristina Williams
The Middle Gallery, curated by Artist-in-Residence Danny Dobrow, will feature the dramatic work of St. Petersburg artists Don and Cristina Williams. Don’s incredible form work and Cristina’s painterly gifts produce breathtaking and unexpected results. “We like to work in Raku and Shino glazes that move and intertwine in the heat of firing,” the artists explained.

2019-2020 Artists in Residence Welcome Show

September 2019

The Morean Center for Clay’s nationally renowned Artist-in-Residence program is introducing a talented group of six ceramicists with a gallery opening between 5 and 7 pm on Saturday, September 14, 2019. Selected from nearly 50 applicants, the artist styles reflect diverse experiences and training ranging from the lyrical story telling approach of Claire McCauley to conceptual multi-media of returning second year resident Danny Dobrow. The Artist-in-Residence exhibit will be open through October 6.

The participating artists include: Catherine Mills of New Orleans, Claire McCauley, of Chicago, Danny Dobrow of Minnesota, Katie Fee of South Carolina, Jonah Fleeger of Indiana and Yeonsoo Kim of Haenam, South Korea.

in small fortune by Matthew Wicks

September 2019

The Middle Gallery, curated by Danny Dobrow, at the Morean Center for Clay will feature an exhibition of work created by Tampa artist Matthew Wicks. An opening reception is scheduled from 5 pm to 8:30 pm on Saturday, September 14, as part of the Second Saturday Artwalk program in St. Petersburg.

In a deeper exploration of these themes, Wicks’ small fortune is an exhibition of works that discuss masculinity, domesticity, getting hard, being soft, and going fast. “While notions of beauty, kitsch and the domestic all comingle under the surface of my work, I strive to challenge the viewer’s perceptions of the familiar or often overlooked objects in contemporary life,” said Wicks.

Kids Curate Pop-Up Show

August 10-September 10

The campers from our Morean Arts Center Clay Summer Camp got to curate their own show with pieces made from the prior 10 weeks of camp.

Studio Member’s Show

August 2019

Artist-in-Residence Exit Shows

The Morean Center for Clay is proud to present the works of four exiting artists of its 2018-19 Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program by giving each artist their very own solo exhibition. The exhibitions serve as a capstone experience for the program, showcasing a concentration of each artist’s work during their time at the Morean Center for Clay. This year’s artists include second-year AIRs Emmett Freeman and Jacob Meer (June), along with first-year AIRs Katie Kearns and Ailynda Ho (July). Join us as we celebrate these incredibly talented ceramicists as they complete the final phase of their residency.

St. Petian
July 13-31
Katie Kearns is a St. Petersburg native and is dedicating her show to her hometown. With every new building that pops up, St. Petersburg is quickly evolving from the city she grew up in. In what will likely become her last year as a resident of my hometown, She was able to reflect on the pieces that make up this city. St. Petian is a collection of places that evoke this sense of familiarity and appreciation of home.

Found in Translation
July 13-31
Ailynda Ho exhibits how her Asian-American culture influences her work. This personal narration of experiences affirms her connection with a familial heritage while offering a recreation.

June 8-30
Emmett Freeman explores themes of identity through various forms and mediums. He features photographs and ceramic sculptures of himself, along with details about Emmett the person. Emmett also challenges the concept of perception through the masks we wear and how we see ourselves in others.

Inherent Qualities
June 8-21
Throughout Jacob Meer’s two-year span of making pots at the Morean Center for Clay, Jacob has been exploring wood firing as a means to glaze his work. Inherent Qualities explores how different clay bodies react within the same wood kilns, and how those clay bodies affect the shape and quality of each pot.

Ceramic Sculpture Collective
February 9 – March 29

Florida Heat Surface Presenters Exhibition
February 9 – March 31

December 8 – January 31

Eric Botbyl Exhibition
November 7 – 30, 2018

The Ronan Peterson Exhibition
October 13 – 31, 2018

New Artists-in-Residence Exhibition
September 8 – 30, 2018

Studio Members Show
August 11 – 31, 2018

Tucker Claxton
July 14 – 31, 2018

Colby Charpentier
July 14 – 31, 2018

Vitae Telam, Vitae Terra
Amanda Bury
June 9 – 30, 2018

There’s No Place Like Home
Tommy Frank and Chandra Debuse
April 7th, 2018 – May, 2018

Peter Pincus exhibit

Florida Heat Surface Presenters Exhibition
Feb 10th, 2018 – March 2018

Filling Space
Tucker Claxton and Emmett Freeman
Feb 10th,2018 – March 2018

Spectra A Survey of American Contemporary Wood Fired Ceramics
Dec 9th, 2017 – Jan 2018

Artist in Residence 2017-2018

Morean Center for Clay Exhibition Archive