Upcoming Exhibitions

Art Exhibitions featuring a variety of artists and mediums are scheduled year-round at The Chihuly Collection, the Morean Arts Center, and the Morean Center for Clay. Exhibition hours will vary based upon the location of the Art Exhibition. Please confirm the facility details for the specific exhibition you are interested in seeing. The exhibitions featured at The Chihuly Collection are offered with the Chihuly Collection admission and are FREE to Morean Members The Morean Arts Center and Morean Center for Clay exhibitions are FREE and open to the public as part of the Morean’s mission of connecting the community with ART. Learn MORE about the MOREAN and Support the MOREAN mission.


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April 10 – June 24: Our Annual Celebration of Emerging Artists in Florida! In this special Fifth Year Anniversary you will also see the work of the 25 artists who have benefited from the Fresh Squeezed Exhibition over the history of this program. Visit this page soon to see information on this year’s artists.


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This Annual Exhibition is an opportunity for Morean members to create work that reflects this seminal moment in history, to reflect on the challenges of the recent past, explore foundations that led us to this point in our journey.  Through the lens of architects and real estate developers, Landmarks are creations of man rising up as symbols of prosperity, aspirations and hopes. Landmarks might be functional or iconic. Preserved natural outcroppings, wide expanses of untouched vegetation, or blocks of rubble and decay. Some Landmarks are abstractions, a moment in time, a mood, a moment. All are material and inspiration for our local artists.



Opening July 10 at the Morean Arts Center:

Winner of the 2020 Annual Members Show Best in Show Award Watercolor artist Chris Duncan lets the movement of her medium guide her creations. She starts each piece with water and primary colors then blends it all to remarkable images that capture the energy and movement of light.